Hillary Clinton’s Body Language Live Tweeted Tonight

Body Language Experts Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley Live Tweet Hillary's Nonverbals

Hillary Clinton’s Body Language Live Tweeted Tonight by Body Language Experts Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley.  Find out if Hillary is being honest or deceptive.

Hillary Clinton Body Language 4

Is she disgusted or afraid?  Know instantly whether or not she actually did what she said she did.

Last week they Live Tweeted Donald Trump’s Body Language during his acceptance speech.  This week, it’s Hillary’s turn…

Go to Twitter and search #ReadHillary or click the photo.

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TONIGHT – Trump’s Body Language Live-Tweeted by Body Language Experts

Greg Hartley and Scott Rouse Decode Trump's Nonverbals During His RNC Acceptance Speech

Tonight Greg Hartley and I will Live-Tweet Donald Trump’s body language cues during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC).

Have you wondered what Trump is really thinking or feeling as he speaks to millions of people?

Donald Trump's Body Language and Nonverbal Cues Decoded By Vody Language Experts Greg Hartley and Scott Rouse

Now you’ll know.  That is, if you follow the hashtag #ReadTrump tonight on Twitter.  You’ll also want to follow Greg and Scott on Twitter.  So here are their Twitter handles:  @ScottRouse3 and @1GregHartley.

Live-Tweeting Body Language From RNC Speakers

What are the speakers really saying?

Greg Hartley and I will Live-Tweet the body language of the speakers at the RNC tonight.  This is just a warm up for Donald Trump tomorrow night and Hillary Clinton next week.  We make get help from Mark Bowden and Joe Navarro if all goes well.  Remember to be there tomorrow night for Trump’s body language breakdown.  Follow the action at #ReadPeople

Body Language Live Tweet RNC 8

Body Language On Snapchat

Body Language Plus Snapchat = Fascinating, weird, funny, educational.

Follow me on Snapchat.  This is going to get interesting from the Nonverbal point of view.  I’m going to show you the different human behaviors I see out in the wild as they relate to Body Language in realtime.

Scott Rouse Snapchat


Some behaviors will seem obvious.  And of course some behaviors won’t seem so obvious.  Some behaviors may seem odd because you may not be familiar with them.  Some behaviors will be fairly normal rather than strange or unusual.  I’ll show you what I run across that I think you will find interesting and I’ll be showing the small, usually un-noticed behaviors that I personally find interesting.

Best Body Language Books For The Beach

Your Summer Reading List

Best Body Language Books For The Beach. Every time I speak somewhere people ask quite a few of the same questions. The number 2 or 3 question is usually “What are some books on body language you would suggest?”

scott rouse - best body language books for the beach

There are some really good ones. There are also plenty to stay away from as well.  Here’s a short list to get you off to a great start and headed in the right direction.

Weiner Week – Day 1

Anthony Weiner's Body Language Decoded

Weiner Week – Day 1.  There are times you will run across a liar so arrogant they truly believe their lie will never be uncovered.  Anthony Weiner was one of those… at first.

Anthiny Weiner - Scott Rouse - Body LAnguage Expert - Nashville - Tennessee - Washington

After realizing the situation he’d lied himself into wasn’t going away, things changed.  Mainly the tactic he was using to tell his lie.  

Bill Clinton and The Nonverbals of Parkinson’s Disease

Is his body language telling us he has Parkinson's disease?

The nonverbals of Parkinson’s Disease are fairly easy to spot when this disorder of the nervous system develops to a certain stage.

Bill Clinton's Nonverbals of Parkinson's Disease - HAND

One of the first things you’ll notice is the way the afflicted person’s hands will shake or twitch.  The shaking is hardly noticeable at first.  And as time goes by the 

The Answer To The Trump Facial Expressions Quiz

Answer To The Number of Facial Expressions In This Short Clip

The Trump Facial Expressions Quiz.  What is it?  I asked people how many facial expressions could they recognize in this short clip of Donald Trump.  It looked easy.  Most people emailed me and said they saw 5.

In fact, almost a thousand people said they thought they saw 5 facial expressions.  They were close… but not real close.  The correct number 

Expressions, How Many Is Donald Trump Making?

If you know the correct answer you could win a 1-on1 Body Language Training Session

What if you were asked to count all of the facial expressions or “Trumpspressions” Donald Trump shows us in this 3 second gif?  Could you do it?  It looks easy.  And you’d have to make sure you didn’t leave out the Micro-Expressions.

How Many Expressions Does Donald Trump Make

Then, what if I said you could win something really cool if your answer was correct?  Guess what?  You can.  So, take a good look at this gif.  Count all of the facial expressions.

If you you are one of the first 3 with the correct answer you’ll win a