2 Minutes From Now You’re Gonna Know More About The Body Language Of Your Co-Workers Than You Ever Thought Possible

2 Body Language Cues You Will See Today

Most people begin paying attention to body language cues when there is an “event”.  For example, when someone answers a question that seems deceptive, the person asking begins to look for “deception cues” they’ve heard about on TV or read about in an article somewhere.  Too late.

scott rouse body language expert

Watch these 2 60 second videos.  Because you’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on with the person before you ask the question.  Are the illustrators they’re using really big?  Or are they small to almost non existent?  What about the adapters they use?  Did they use any at all before you asked the question?  Did they start using them after you asked the question?  These are things you need to know before you begin decoding body language…

What are Illustrators and Adapters and why are they important?  We’ve talked a little bit about this before, and I want to show you what they are and how they are used and why we use them.

These 2 videos are less than 60 seconds each.  And 2 minutes from now, you’re going to know more about the body language of the people you see every day, than you ever thought possible.

The first is about Illustrators.  The second describes and defines Adapters.