3 Lessons About Body Language You Can Learn From Super Heroes

Or How To Feel More Confident In Everything You Do

3 Lessons about Body Language you can learn from Super Heroes.  When you see plain old Clark Kent he just looks like some nerd hitting on a girl at work.

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When you see him after he takes his glasses off and puts on that leotard, cape, and attitude, he looks pretty cool.  However, putting on a leotard and a cape?  That’s a ballsy move.  But it’s the attitude that makes it work.

For example, if I took off my glasses and put on a leotard and a cape and started walking around downtown like I owned the place and inserted myself into a crime in progress?  That crime would halt immediately and the criminal would go to jail.

Why?  Because he wouldn’t be able to stop throwing up from laughing so hard and I would just walk over and sit on him until the police came.

It’s NOT The Super Heroes Uniform

Lesson 1 – Confident Attitude

What is it that truly separates Super Heroes from regular people?  It’s not the uniform.  It’s the confident attitude.  And that attitude takes form in almost every part of the body.  The head, the face, the arms, the torso, and the legs.  As well, it’s the movement of all of those parts.  It says “I’m aware.  I’m in charge now.  Let’s move things forward.”  That confidence can be felt 40 feet away when it’s done right.

For Super Heroes the key is the Legs Akimbo stance.  Legs apart, out just a little further than shoulder width, not much at all.  Too far and it looks goofy.  Arms on your sides, not touching your sides.  About 2 inches away from your sides.  That says plenty about your attitude.  Try it.  You’ll feel it.

It’s About You

Lesson 2 – Self Control

Super Heroes - Scott Rouse - Nashville - Body Language Expert - Professional Speaker - Super HeroIn my work I meet and train all kinds and types of people.  Those that never cease to fascinate me are in the military.  Navy SEALS can spot each other across the mall.  Even if they’ve never met.  They recognize that attitude.  The same goes for those in Special Forces and Spec Ops.  There’s a specific “calm” they all exude.  That comes from self-control.  Like a Super Hero, they are masters of it.

They don’t squirm around in their seats or when standing.  Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Professional Speaker - Keynote Speaker - Super HeroesThey look you right in the eye when you speak or when they speak to you.  They speak clearly and slowly.  They pay attention to everything going on around them.  It takes massive amounts of self control to pull that off without looking like a prairie dog watching for hawks.  You can pull that off.  Concentrate on being still.  It takes some practice.  But patient.  You’ll feel the changes soon.

When In doubt…

Lesson 3 – Reassuring Smile

You’d think the toughest people on the planet wouldn’t do much more than frown expression-wise.  You’d think a mean face lets others know you’re tough and can take care of yourself.  I’m sure it does that, but let’s look at that from a realistic perspective and… from the Super Heroes’ perspective.

If you’re big and tough and think you can whip anybody?  That’s the last thing you want people to see onBrendan Schaub - Fighter and the Kid - MMA - Champion - Podcast - Number one - Super Heroes you. Take Brendan Schaub for example.  He’s a retired MMA Champion.  He’s a BIG man.  However, he makes everyone feel at ease instantly.

When you see him?  He’s smiling.  Sometimes just a small one.  But 60 seconds won’t pass before he shows a reassuring smile.  He doesn’t think he can whip anybody and everybody in the room.  He knows he can.  However, the way he moves, speaks, and presents himself says “I like you and we’re equal.”  That’s potent.  It’s disarming.  The finishing touch is his use of his sincere, reassuring smile.

Those are the 3 powerful Body Language Lessons you can learn from Super Heroes.  By incorporating them into your daily Nonverbal Transmissions, your world will become more calm and less aggressive.

You’ll also begin to feel like you have more control over what others think and feel about you, what you say, and what you have to offer.  Choose one and give it a try.  You’ll see.  Let me know which one you start with @ScottRouse3.