1Scott-Rouse-Body-Language-Mentor-HS-1-283x350Scott is a behavior analyst and body language expert with a focus on healthcare. He holds multiple certificates in advanced interrogation training and has been trained along side the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Military Intelligence, and Dept. of defense.

His extensive training, education, and practice of nonverbal communication has made Scott an expert and consultant to healthcare companies as well as law enforcement, Fortune 500 CEO’s, doctors, attorneys, executives, wealth managers, financial advisors, and entertainers.

After receiving a diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer and experiencing the rapid changes in healthcare from a patients perspective, he instantly recognized the overlooked, yet blatant, causes of patient mistrust, fear, and frustration. In other words, he found the problems that cause more lawsuits and once successful practices to fail.

Now Scott speaks to and trains healthcare professionals, showing them what these problems are and most importantly how to fix them. From your bedside manner to the way your waiting area is setup and looks, Scott covers everything science shows us that works to make patients feel more comfortable and confident in their healthcare situation.