Are You Friends With A Psychopath On Facebook?

Here Are 4 Clues To Look For

Have You Friended A Psychopath On Facebook?  Here Are 4 Clues To Look For:  On June 30 of this year Susan Mayo, mother of 32 year old Nathan Sebastian was reported missing.  Not long before that, Nathaniel shot his mother in the head, put her body in a barrel, then buried it under their front porch.

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker - Nashville

Were there clues his friends and family missed that could have let them know he would do something like this?  Were there Body Language cues he transmitted that they missed as well?  Could you have spotted them?  I’ll bet you could have, if you had known what to look for.

Let’s take a look at what nonverbal cues and clues you would have seen if you had been hanging around with Nathan over the past year.  And as you do that, think about your Facebook friends.  Does anything here look or sound familiar?

If so, it doesn’t mean your friend is positively a psychopath.  It just means they share some behaviors that are similar to a psychopath’s.

Before we go any deeper let me answer a question you probably have right now.  “How can you can spot a psychopath by just looking at a Facebook page?”  Sometimes it takes months for a professional to diagnose what I term the “True Psychopath”.  But I’m gonna give you some clues to look for.  Most of the time, they’ll jump right out at you.

As far as Nathan Sebastien is concerned, a quick look at his Facebook page let me know right out of the gate he is a narcissist.  Keep in mind all psychopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are psychopaths.

Most Of Their Photos Are Selfies

Here’s Clue #1 – Look for things that tell you the person is a narcissist.  For example.  Their photos.  Let’s look at a few of Nathan’s.

Nathan Sebastien - a psychopath - buried mother under porch - scott rouse - body language expert - keynote speaker - nashville

What do you notice?  They’re mostly selfies.  And there’s nobody in them but him.  On the occasion there is another person, Nathan sticks his tongue out to make sure the attention goes to him. 

Sticking out the tongue to draw attention in a photo isn’t a sign of narcissism unless you see that behavior in more than two or three photos.  Then you’re looking at a True Narcissist.  Especially if the photo is important or taken at an event where the attention does not focus on the narcissist, but a close friend or family member.  Or if there are several people in the picture.

Your Friend Uses “I” and “Me” Too Often

Every one of Nathan’s posts contain the words “I” and “me” in their various forms.  If he doesn’t write anything in the post, there will be something in the photo that contains those words. narcissist - Nathan Sebastien - a Psychopath - Rouse - Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker - Nashville

A psychopath - post - facebookIf not, then he’s making a face he believes is funny, cute, or makes him look “successful” or “intelligent”.

That’s Clue #2- Your friend uses the words “I” and “me” and makes everything about them in their posts even though the post might be about someone else’s accomplishment.

They will post about success and who their heroes are.  Obviously the post about Nathan’s hero, serial killer John Wayne Gacy, should have been a heads up to somebody.

Do these things make them a psychopath?  No.  But they let you know you’re friends with a narcissist.  And it’s important to remember, all psychopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are psychopaths.

A Psychopath Won’t Take Blame For Any Mistake

What’s clue #3?-  They will post things that concern them that other people have said about them.  For example in this photo.  

Nathan posts something about the definition of a sociopath.  Most likely because his ex-girlfriend and one if his friends told him he was one or acted like one.  Posting that is his way of saying “Yeah, right.  That’s me.  Come on, give me a break.”

That’s an example of not accepting the consequences of his behavior.  The narcissist, sociopath, and psychopath will rarely accept any blame at all for their mistakes.  Some will be extremely “loud” about it and will use other social media outlets to publicly blame and shame others.  This type of personality can be extremely volatile and at times even dangerous. 

Keep in mind the ego of the psychopath and the narcissist is extremely sensitive and cannot be lightly brushed, even accidentally, without intense retribution.

A Psychopath May Facebook Their Cruelty

Clue #4- Photos of animals they are being cruel to or have been cruel to.  Often they will post photos or videos of small animals they are being nice to or speaking well of, but will confess later they tortured or killed not long after the photo was taken.  On some occasions they will actually post photos or videos of the animal/s they killed or are in the act of killing.  (Obviously hunting doesn’t count here.) Psychopath - torture - Nathan Sebastien - Psychopath - Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker - NashvilleTorture - Nathan Sebastien - Psychopath - Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker - Nashville

There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration when diagnosing a psychopath.  The same goes for a narcissist.  And I’m not one of those people that will tell you “When you see this, it for sure means they’re a that!”  Like it’s a fact when there are no absolutes in nonverbals and human behavior. 

If you recognize what we’ve talked about them you’ve definitely been given a heads up that you’re probably friends with a narcissist at the least.  And I can assure you, the narcissist road always leads to a dead end.

If you have one of these “Friends” on Facebook be careful.  Don’t post anything that they may possibly take the wrong way.  Sometimes it’s best not to un-friend them, but to stop following them.  If you have any questions or anything you’d like me to go deeper into, let me know @ScottRouse3.