Awesome GIFs of Body Language

Body Language Is A Language

Awesome GIFs of Body Language.  You can make someone laugh, cry, understand what you’re thinking, intending, or planning by just using your Body Language.  However, it can be tough to do.  Some are better at communicating nonverbally than others.

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Nashville, Voir Dire

Actors, politicians, and comedians attempt to communicate as clearly as possible.  Sometimes while hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are looking at them.  And it is imperative their Body Language matches what they are saying, relaying, or intending.  Amazingly enough, GIFs can help pass along their messages…

Last year I was in a very important meeting about a deposition I had just been hired to consult on.  I had never worked with this law firm before and had been referred to them by another extremely potent firm here in Nashville.

My phone was laying beside my notes and it did the 2-buzz notification thing for a text.  The meeting was paused as a print out was passed around.  I thought I would just quickly check the text because maybe things had changed for my next meeting and they were letting me know.  That’s not what the text was about…

It was from my brother, Mitch I had talked to him just before I went in to the meeting.  I told him how and why the meeting was such a big deal and so important.  There were no words in his text.  Just this GIF:

Kristen Wiig - Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert and Keynote Speaker -

My brain wanted me to laugh.  But I knew I couldn’t in a situation this serious.  And the more I tried not to, the more I wanted to.  And it was “Church quiet” in there too.  Only the sound of the shuffling packets of paper being passed around was audible.

Suddenly, I began hearing something like a long, low, guttural, moaning kind of sound.  Like a big moose on one of those wildlife shows when it wakes up after being tranquilized by a group of science nerds.  And it was getting louder.  I began getting the “side-eye” from 3 or 4 others at the table.  That’s when I had a horrific realization.  The noise… was coming from me!  I was mortified.

I began to panic.  I couldn’t make it stop.  That’s when it hit me “I’m never gonna work in Nashville again!  Oh, Lord!  I’m gonna laugh out loud and all these people are so serious and stoic!  OH NO!  IT’S HAPPENING!  IT’S HAPPENING!”   

Slowly and creepily it grew louder and louder.  I tried to put my hand over the phone to block the image but I hit it and it moved and I had to look and see where it was.  When that happened I saw the GIF again.

That’s when I started laughing out loud, at volume, as it continued getting even funnier.  I couldn’t get a hold of it.  It was surreal.  Like watching that Russian diver who jumps on the diving board and it breaks and he hits his head on it and then the broken board part hits him in his testicles and it looks like he’s riding it all the way down.  Horrifying yet hilarious.

The next thing I knew the woman across from me started laughing.  So did the guy next to her.  Then the guy on my right started laughing.  As did the woman next to him.  Then everyone in the room was laughing.  Oh, it was a nightmare!

Then the unexplainable happened.  The head of the firm settled everyone down a little and said “Okay… Wow, did we ever need that!”  So now I’m thinking “Oh my God, he’s having a stroke!  What does he think is happening!?”

He looked at me and said “I guess you could tell from our Body Language we needed something to break the tension in here!  It’s been a long couple of months.  Thank you for that.  I’m so glad you’re here.”

Until today (because I know he’s gonna read this) he and everyone else in that meeting have been under the impression that my understanding of Nonverbal Communication brought to a close the pent up tension and stress everyone there had been feeling and fighting for quite some time.

The truth is… Kristen Wiig’s Body Language brought an end to their pent up tension and stress.

Here are some great examples of people you know communicating a thought, feeling, or intention without using a single word.

Show me a funny one you’ve run across: @ScottRouse3