Body Language Of The 2nd Presidential Debate

What The Nonverbals Of Hillary And Trump Actually Told Us

What did the Body Language of the 2nd Presidential debate really tell us?  It told us a truck-load of information…

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We saw Hillary and Trump use plenty of Body Language Gestures that were similar to the ones they used in the last debate.  That was normal.  We saw true anger and fake anger.  As well as true disgust and fake disgust.  We also saw disgust that was leaked from both candidates.

I guess what we were waiting for was the knock down drag out fight that you can feel building in the air around this entire election.  That didn’t happen, but it did seem like scott-rouse-body-language-expert-1the warm up to a championship fight before the bell rings.

This time around it was apparent that both Hillary and Trump had planned to keep their Body Language calm and under control.  Trump is a master of the jab and Hillary is hard to out-do when it comes to taking an unexpected gut punch.  And there were plenty of each for the both of them.

A the beginning of the debate the Illustrators hung around what Mark Bowden has coined the Truthplane.  Hillary had a great coach in Bill Clinton when it comes to looking poised, important, calm, and in charge.  Especially when things go sideways.  (Here is a post about Bill Clinton and his Parkinson’s Disease)

As time passed and the debate became heated, scott-rouse-body-language-expert-11 her Illustrators became more animated.  Here are examples of Hillary’s Illustrators in different situations and event.  Some small and some a bit larger.


The same thing happened with Trump’s Illustrators.  As he began to feel as though the moderators were ganging up on him, his Illustrators began to grow larger and more animated as well.  We’re all fairly familiar with his, large and small.  Here are a few examples of his in different scenarios.

scott-rouse-body-language-expert-8scott-rouse-body-language-expert-5Trump has improved a great deal as he never showed full on, true, anger.  Several times his pursed lips showed great disagreement with Hillary’s statements.  Hillary didn’t show full on, true, anger either.  Of course she showed great disagreement with looks of distain or contempt.

Sometimes people will confuse what I refer to as “true anger” with expressions that show fake anger.  One of the keys to spotting full-on true anger is paying attention to the eyes.  I’m sure you’ve had someone give you a nonverbal warning suggesting you stay away from them, or to stop doing whatever it is you’re doing by scott-rouse-body-language-expert-6 squinting their eyes and tightening and pursing their lips.  More often that not you’ll remember that expression being on your mother’s face from across the room when you’ve done something you shouldn’t have.  Or when you’re about to do something you shouldn’t.

You knew it was just a warning and she wasn’t actually angry.  That’s the example you see on the man’s face above.  However, you’ll know when someone is actually angry and you need to get away from them immediately when you see the whites of their eyes as they make that same facial expression.  Here are some great examples of both the real and fake anger expressions.scott-rouse-body-language-expert-17

Like I said before, we didn’t see it go this far in the second debate.  But from what we saw and felt and heard, no one should be surprised if we see this expression several times in the third debate.

I could go on forever and breakdown every minute of the Body Language of the debate, but that would be way too long for a blog post.

If you’d like to see the input about Body Language in the debate from the Live-Tweeting that Greg Hartley, Janine Driver, and Mark Bowden and I did visit #ReadPeople.  You’ll see it was “lively” to say the least.  You’ll want to be part of the next debate and Live-Tweeting.  I’m sure it will be even more exciting and news worthy than this one.

For the 3rd Presidential debate on the 19th, follow us on Twitter and follow #RealPeople.  It will be the same line up as the 2nd debate – Greg Hartley, Janine Driver, Mark Bowden, and me.  We hope to see you there!

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