Body Language Books You Should Read

The Behavior Panel did an interview with Eric Hunley the other day. I was asked what books on body language and human behavior were valid with information that the reader could trust.

Here is a shortlist of some of the books from the Reference section of my book Understanding Body Language that comes out in November published by Rockridge Press. You can read any one of these and get enough valid information you can hang your hat on. I would suggest reading more than just one of these, and I can vouch for each book listed as well as each author. All of these can be found on Amazon.

Rouse, S. (2021) Understanding Body Langauge. Rockridge Press

Bowden, M. & Thomson, T. (2018) Truth & Lies. Harper Collins

Ekman, P. & Friesen, W. (1975) Unmasking the Face. Malor

Ekman, P. (1991) Telling Lies. Norton

Ekman, P. (2003) Emotions Revealed. Owl Books

Fast, J. (1970) Body Language. M. Evans & Company, inc

Hare, R. D. (1993) Without Conscience. The Guilford Press

Hare, R. D. & Babiak, P. (2006) Snakes in Suits. Harper Collins

Hartley, G. (2011) The Most Dangerous Business Book. Career Press

Hartley, G. & Karinch, M. (2005) How to Spot A Liar. Career Press

Hartley, G. & Karinch, M. (2007) I Can Read You Like A Book. Career Press

Hughes, C. (2017) The Ellipsis Manual. Chase Hughes

Morris, D. (1967) The Naked Ape. Random House

Morris, D. (2002) People Watching. Vintage

Morris, D. (2015) Body Talk. Penguin

Navarro, J. (2008) What Every Body is Saying. Morrow

Navarro, J. (2014) Dangerous Personalities. Rodale

Navarro, J. & Poynter, T. S. (2016) Louder Than Words. Penguin

Reiman, T. (2007) The Power of Body Language. Pocket Books

Vrij, A (2008) Detecting Lies and Deceit. Wiley