Body Language Of Chuck Norris Meeting Benjamin Netanyahu

The Nonverbals of Mutual Admiration

The Body Language of Chuck Norris meeting Benjamin Netanyahu shows the nonverbal cues of mutual admiration.

Chuck Norris Meeting Benjamin Netanyahu - Chuck Norris and Benjamin Netanyahu - The nonverbals of mutual admiration between Chuck Norris and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

There are many body language cues that suggest someone truly likes you.  I’ll show you a few of the easily spotted cues and some not so easily noticed…

Every day you see photos and video of two people meeting for the first time in the news, on Facebook, on Twitter, and in photos.

Whether it’sThe Body Language of Chuck Norris meeting Benjamin Netanyahu or a car dealer meeting a new customer, are you able to tell if they really are happy to meet each other?  Is one happier about the meeting than the other?  Are they pretending to like each other for the cameras?

Once you get the hang knowing of where to focus your attention, you will be ahead of the game the next time you meet someone from a different company, country, school, or neighborhood.

Where Are The Cues I’m Looking For?

The cues you’ll want to see are fairly obvious because they will be out in the open.  We’ve gone over the difference in real emotion and fake emotion.  So you’ll remember the facial expressions of fake emotion don’t last very long.  The reason for that is, there is no emotion behind the expression to make it “stick”.

Body Language and Nonverbals of Chuck Norris Meeting Netanyahu In Israel

The first thing people look for is a smile.  When they see that, they are usually satisfied all is well.   However, the smile must stay strong to prove it is true.  The smile may start large, like Chuck’s smile does.

Then it may get very small and in some cases disappear completely before returning to about half the beginning size and strength.  That usually happens in the first 5 seconds of the meeting.

How Many Cues Should I Look For?

There are hundreds of nonverbal cues you can look for and observe in any situation.  However, when you meet someone, don’t look for more than 4 or 5.

Chuck Norris Meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu In Israel

Don’t spend more time examining the situation rather than applying that time and attention to the person you are meeting.  You may exhibit what the other person believes are negative nonverbal body language cues.  Have someone look for the cues you’ll miss by being up close.

Chuck Norris Meeting Benjamin Netanyahu

It’s important to remember:  Whether you’re observing the Body Language of Chuck Norris meeting Benjamin Netanyahu, or the nonverbal cues of a football player looking at his coach for inspiration, it’s just as important to pay attention to what you are transmitting as it is to pay attention to what you are receiving.

Are you seeing cues in the video clip you don’t understand or cues you’d like to know more about?  Let me know on Twitter.