Body Language, Up Close And Very Uncomfortable

Body Language, up close and very uncomfortable.  Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it isn’t.

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We’ve looked at adapters that tell us when a person is stressed or becoming stressed.  They can be small and sometimes you can’t miss them… 

Up Close And Very Uncomfortable

In this 60 second video you’re gonna see someone who is extremely uncomfortable.  What’s the reason?  General Clapper is telling everyone something he knows isn’t true, and they know it isn’t true as well.

So why is he doing it?  Because he has to.  The Adapter he’s using is scratching his head.  And it looks like he’s doing it hard enough just about to dig a hole in it.  Take a look…

Do you see more than one Adapter?  What other gestures do you see?  How many different Adapters do you see?  Is the way he answers the questions normal?  Does he answer too slow or does he answer too fast?

What about the fluidity of his body movement?  Is it smooth and fluid or is it stiff and almost robotic?  If someone answered your question this way, would you accept that answer?

This week begin looking for behavior that is similar to what you saw in  the video.  Look for it in the conversations of others around you in restaurants, at the grocery store, in line at the bank, or in conversations across the room at work.  You’ll be surprised at how often you understand what’s happening between two people you may have never even seen before.

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