Body Language, The Presidential Debate, and 4 Body Language Experts

Top Body Language Experts Team Up To Live-Tweet Presidential Debate

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Body language, the Presidential debate, and 4 body language experts.  For anyone even the least bit interested in body language or nonverbal communication, Sunday will be a goldmine of information for you.  Whether you’re a professional or just finding your interest in detecting deception, this Sunday you will learn about some specifics of body language and human behavior you may not have been aware of.

Mark Bowden, Janine Driver, Greg Hartley, and I will be Live-Tweeting the Presidential debate.  At the first Presidential debate it was just us guys Live-Tweeting and we really had a blast.  However, we were painfully aware that we were missing a much needed point of view.  So Greg reached out to another heavy hitter in our filed of study, Janine Driver.  Now that she’s on the team it’s an entirely new ball game.

As far as I know, this has never been done before.  So I believe we’re breaking some new and exciting ground here.  And for me it’s a real honor to be playing on the same field these three giants of the study.


Follow The Body Language Decoding Process

If you’d like to follow the action, and we all 4 hope you do, follow us on Twitter and at #ReadPeople on Sunday night during the debate. We may start a little early and throw the ball around a bit to get warmed up.  So make plans and come on over. We’re gonna have a blast.  And I promise, you’ll learn more than one or two things about human behavior.

If you have any questions as things progress, jump in and ask them.  We may not be able to answer your question right that minute, it depends on what’s happening at the time.  However, we’ll get to all of them as soon as we possibly can.

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