Body Language Preparation For the Trump Clinton Debate

A Review Of The Nonverbal Cues You Will See

Body Language preparation for the Trump Clinton Debate.  I’ve never had so many people ask me the same 7 to 10 questions about nonverbal cues before…

scott rouse - body language expert - nashville -keynote speaker - trump clinton debate

“How do you know when Hillary is lying?”  “Will I know when Trump is lying?”  “What about Clinton and Trump faking anger, contempt, or happiness?”…

If you want to detailed answers to those questions and more to get yourself prepared for the debate tonight, here’s a cheatsheet of Links I put together for you.  Each of these links will bring you up to speed on the cues to look for and pay attention to when you’re decoding the Trump and Clinton nonverbal cues.

scott rouse - body language expert - nashville - keynote speaker -trump clinton debate

Greg Hartley , Mark Bowden, and I are going to Live-Tweet the debate tonight.  A former Army interrogator, Greg is one of the foremost interrogators in the world.  So his take will be fascinating and educational to say the least.

Mark has been voted the Number 1 Body Language Expert in the world 3 years in a row.  He’s gonna nail the cues that tell you why you feel a specific candidate is confident, on their game, and loaded for bear.

mark bowden - greg hartley - scott rouse - body language - expert - experts - live - tweet - 2016 debates - trump clinton debate

If you don’t know as much as you’d like to about body language and nonverbal communication, this is the mother load when it comes to understanding what someone is feeling or thinking and what they’re gonna do next.

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If you want to warm up your nonverbal skills and be ready for the debate and you want to know what Trump and Hillary are really thinking, check these out: