Body Language Tips: Did They See A Ghost?

Anybody ever tell you about the time they saw a ghost?  Chances are, somebody has.  But did they really see a ghost?

Like you, right out of the gate I’m more than a bit hesitant when it comes to believing a ghost story.  Especially when it’s told by someone I don’t know.

Not because body language my skill set automatically puts me on high alert when this type of story begins, it’s the little things I see, that you see as well.  You just don’t realize what you’re seeing.  However, your brain isn’t missing a thing… 

And THAT is what gives you the gut feeling that says “You know what?  This is bull$%&@.”

In this video of a guy describing his paranormal experience, I show you most of the basic body language cues from what I would call “Interrogation 101“.  You’ll see a limbic system firing up and showing you when and where discomfort begins.  

You’ll see self-pacification and you’ll see stress cues.  This person tells you everything you need to know about the validity of the experience he is relaying, with his body language.

Do any of these nonverbal cues look familiar?  Let me know!  @ScottRouse3