Psychopath Information

Links and Books on Psychopathy

Here are some links, books, and tools to help you better understand Psychopaths. This is by no means a complete or definitive collection of information. However, it’s a great starting point for valid information if you’re just beginning your education about Psychopathy.


Without Conscience (Dr. Robert Hare)

How To Spot a Psychopath (Joe Navarro)

202 Ways to Spot a Psychopath (Adelyn Birch)

Dangerous Personalities (Joe Navarro)

The Psychopath Test (Jon Ronson)

Body Language Tactics

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Understanding Body Language

My new book, Understanding Body Language is out and on Amazon!

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Understanding Body Language

Scientific studies show that people use body language to express their true feelings about a given situation or topic. With Understanding Body Language you’ll discover essential information and how-to guidance for deciphering nonverbal communication so you can make better decisions about the people and situations you approach every day.

Start by learning how to properly observe people so you can uncover their subtle nonverbal cues without drawing attention to yourself. Then, practice on your friends and family with practical advice to help you better read social gatherings and telltale signs of disagreement. Finally, dive deeper with real-life scenarios you’ll likely encounter, such as dating, job interviews, and workplace interactions.  

Understanding Body Language includes:

Body language 101―Explore the science and driving forces behind body language, best practices for your own expression, and tips for successful interpretation of others.
In-the-moment guidance―Learn setting-specific how-tos to help you feel physically assured in difficult situations, such as using positive body language while on a date and projecting confidence within the workplace.  
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Nashville Bomber – Body Language – Anthony Warner

The Nashville Bomber – Anthony Warner.  I’ve gotten over 100 emails and texts from people who have taken our course Body Language Tactics and watch The Behavior Panel on YouTube asking me what I think about the facial expression of the Nashville Bomber, Anthony Warner, in his driver’s license photo that’s all over the television and internet.  You’ve probably seen it.

Body Language of Nashville Bomber Anthony Warner
Anthony Warner – Nashville Bomber

Quite often you’ll see articles in magazines of a photo of a Hollywood Power-Couple and the headline will read something like:  “How Does Ariana REALLY Feel About Peter Davidson?  In This Photo, Body Language Expert _____ Breaks it Down.”  Can that be done?  Can you look at a photo and know for sure what each person captured is thinking or feeling?  Is it possible to look at a single photo of a person and know for sure what’s on their mind?  Are they suicidal?  Do they dislike a certain politician?  Are they hungry?  Angry?  Disgusted?  Jealous?  Happy?  Sad?  Worried about their children?

Body Language Tactics

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Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley

Body Language Books You Should Read

The Behavior Panel did an interview with Eric Hunley the other day. I was asked what books on body language and human behavior were valid with information that the reader could trust.

Here is a shortlist of some of the books from the Reference section of my book Understanding Body Language that comes out in November published by Rockridge Press. You can read any one of these and get enough valid information you can hang your hat on. I would suggest reading more than just one of these, and I can vouch for each book listed as well as each author. All of these can be found on Amazon.

Rouse, S. (2021) Understanding Body Langauge. Rockridge Press

Bowden, M. & Thomson, T. (2018) Truth & Lies. Harper Collins

Ekman, P. & Friesen, W. (1975) Unmasking the Face. Malor

Ekman, P. (1991) Telling Lies. Norton

Ekman, P. (2003) Emotions Revealed. Owl Books

Fast, J. (1970) Body Language. M. Evans & Company, inc

Hare, R. D. (1993) Without Conscience. The Guilford Press

Hare, R. D. & Babiak, P. (2006) Snakes in Suits. Harper Collins

Hartley, G. (2011) The Most Dangerous Business Book. Career Press

Hartley, G. & Karinch, M. (2005) How to Spot A Liar. Career Press

Hartley, G. & Karinch, M. (2007) I Can Read You Like A Book. Career Press

Hughes, C. (2017) The Ellipsis Manual. Chase Hughes

Morris, D. (1967) The Naked Ape. Random House

Morris, D. (2002) People Watching. Vintage

Morris, D. (2015) Body Talk. Penguin

Navarro, J. (2008) What Every Body is Saying. Morrow

Navarro, J. (2014) Dangerous Personalities. Rodale

Navarro, J. & Poynter, T. S. (2016) Louder Than Words. Penguin

Reiman, T. (2007) The Power of Body Language. Pocket Books

Vrij, A (2008) Detecting Lies and Deceit. Wiley

The Behavior Panel Needs YOUR Help!

The Behavior Panel needs YOUR help!

The Berkshires UFO

The Behavior Panel has a new body language analysis of the Berkshires UFO from the Netflix Documentary Unsolved Mysteries and we can’t publish to YouTube due to a copyright problem.  However, others have posted with similar content and have experienced (apparently) no problems.

If you are connected with, or know someone from Netflix or YouTube, could you connect us?  We really want to get this resolved so we can get our analysis of Jane Green’s body language and nonverbal behavior to everyone.  (Jane is the first person they interview in the documentary).

We want to make this available quickly because we actually believe her and are under the impression she’s telling the truth.  About all of it.  (That doesn’t happen too often!)

If you can help us we would appreciate it so much.  Thank you ahead of time for your help.  You can reach any of the 4 members of The Behavior Panel here:

Scott Rouse: @ScottRouse3

Mark Bowden: @TruthPlane

Greg Hartley: @1GregHartley

Chase Hughes: @TheChaseHughes

Or email us at

Here’s a link to the video for when the problem is solved. Right now it says it isn’t available.  Hopefully you can help us change that! LINK: The Beavhior Panel Analyzes the Body Language of Jane Green of the Netflix documentary The Berkshires UFO

Please share this on your Social Media, we really would appreciate your help.  Thank you so much.  Just grab this link, it will show the photo and everything once you post it. 

Scott – Greg – Mark – Chase

What’s Their Body Language REALLY Saying?

Learning Body Language may seem intimidating, but with our expert guidance, you’ll be spotting lies and understanding what people are really thinking and feeling faster than you could have ever expected. Learn all the skills needed to tackle the most daunting situations with the confidence and ease of a professional. Take a quick look at

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Can Body Language Save Our Healthcare System? It Sure Looks Like It.

Healthcare professionals are experiencing unprecedented changes, causing stress for patients and staff.  Technology is severing the doctor-patient connection, leading to lawsuits and failing practices.  The cost of medical malpractice is well over $55 billion a year.  Is there a way to slow the tsunami of lawsuits?  Is there a way to “re-connect” doctor and patient?  Staff and patient?  Doctor and staff?

Body Language: Are You Seeing What You Think You’re Seeing?

Quite often when observing someone’s body language you’ll be under the impression you’re seeing something specific. Something you’ve read about, heard about, or been taught.

Guess what? Things aren’t always what they seem to be. Especially when it comes to decoding body language. This video will show you what to look for and why, when making decisions about what you’re seeing.

Body Language of A Con

(It’s Not What You Think It Is)

Body Language of a Con. Dr. Milton Erickson was the first to really lean into the study of human behavior as it relates to the interactions that create what he coined “Matching and Mirroring”. If you’ll observe best friends, family members, and even people who really admire each other but are just meeting for the first time, you’ll notice they will match and mirror each other.

A Potent Technique

This is a technique you can use not only when looking for the body language of a con and in meetings you can use it at home as well. The con man, grifter, confidence man, confidence woman use this technique from the moment you get near them. It makes you feel more relaxed and less wary around them. Especially when your money, property, or deal is involved.

Learn about matching and mirroring and keep an eye out for someone using to soon when talking to you. Especially someone you don’t know.