How To Spot A Body Language Expert Lying

And Be 100% Accurate

You’d think a “Body Language Expert”, “Behavior Analyst” or “Human Lie Detector” would be 100% honest every time they opened their mouth.  Guess what?  There’s one question you can ask to spot a Body Language Expert lying and be 100% accurate.  As well, it will generate an array of Body Language cues not many people get to see them transmit.

Keynote speaker - Nashville - Scott Rouse - Body Language

Here’s what will happen as soon as you ask the question.  There will be a slight but obvious pause.  A smile will be triggered during the pause and it will grow.  Sometimes into a full-blown Duchenne Smile.  Sometimes just a simple semi-controlled smile.  At that point they will answer…

Awesome GIFs of Body Language

Body Language Is A Language

Awesome GIFs of Body Language.  You can make someone laugh, cry, understand what you’re thinking, intending, or planning by just using your Body Language.  However, it can be tough to do.  Some are better at communicating nonverbally than others.

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Nashville, Voir Dire

Actors, politicians, and comedians attempt to communicate as clearly as possible.  Sometimes while hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are looking at them.  And it is imperative their Body Language matches what they are saying, relaying, or intending.  Amazingly enough, GIFs can help pass along their messages…

3 Things About Liars You May Not Know

Liars don't always do what you think they will

3 Things About Liars You May Not Know.  Most people are under the impression there are specifics they can count on when sussing out liars. Oh but if that were true! 

3 Things You May Not Know About Liars

There are no true “absolutes” you can count on.   However, there are cues you can score well with if you focus on the situation, what’s happening in real time, and when the cues are leaking.

Are You Friends With A Psychopath On Facebook?

Here Are 4 Clues To Look For

Have You Friended A Psychopath On Facebook?  Here Are 4 Clues To Look For:  On June 30 of this year Susan Mayo, mother of 32 year old Nathan Sebastian was reported missing.  Not long before that, Nathaniel shot his mother in the head, put her body in a barrel, then buried it under their front porch.

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker - Nashville

Were there clues his friends and family missed that could have let them know he would do something like this?  Were there Body Language cues he transmitted that they missed as well?  Could you have spotted them?  I’ll bet you could have, if you had known what to look for.

Let’s take a look at what nonverbal cues and clues you would have seen if you had been hanging around with Nathan over the past year.  And as you do that, think about your Facebook friends.  Does anything here look or sound familiar?

Discover Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Video Interview by Brandon from Life's Secret Sauce

Scott Rouse - Life's Secret Sauce Interview - Body Language Expert - Nashville - Your Inner Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock

Discover Your Inner Sherlock Holmes I had a blast talking with Brandon from Life’s Secret Sauce blog.  We talked about everything from the secret to tapping into, as well as learning how to Discover Your Inner Sherlock Holmes to understanding who is lying to you and why.

The interview is fairly short but we cover a great many topics.  We talked about how to practice what Sherlock Holmes skills you have learned about Body Language in restaurants and the common situations you find yourself in every day… continue

3 Truths About Lies

Clarity On A Few Myths About Lying

3 Truths About Lies.  Over the years you’ve heard more about body language and nonverbal cues than you can possibly keep track of.  And it can be tough to suss out what is actually valid and useable information from what is bogus or incomplete.

Scott Rouse - Keynote Speaker - body Language Expert - Nashville - Tennessee - London - Britain - Keynote speaker - 3 Truths About Lies

To help you untangle the good from the bad, I’ve laid out 3 popular myths you’ve most likely heard.  I’ll break them down and show you why they aren’t valid.  Altogether I’ve got close to 50 of these things.  Here are the first 3 Truths About Lies…   (Keep in mind, these are in no specific order.)

Using Manipulators And Regulators In Conversations?

You Use Them More Often Than You May Think

Are Manipulators and Regulators part of your conversation style?  Do you ever feel your part of the conversation is being manipulated?  Or regulated?

body language - expert - scott rouse - nashville - keynote speaker - manipulators and regulators

You may not realize it, but it happens to you quite often.  As well, you’re most likely the manipulator and regulator of conversations more often than you may think…

How To Update Your Skill Set In Less Than 1 Hour

Is it time to update your skill set?

How To Update Your Skill Set In Less Than 1 Hour.  Have you ever felt like things have changed and nobody told you what that change was?

Body Language TacticsYou didn’t see the change happen.  And everything pretty much seems the same.  But something’s just not right.  And it’s coming from your side of the table.

When Looking For Deception Where Do You Start?

When looking for Deception where do you start?  Most people are under the impression that a person trained in nonverbal communication and body language can instantly see every deceptive cue on a person when they are looking for a liar.

sweden - violence - immigrant violence - looking for deception

I wish that were true.  The closest thing to experiencing that would be asking a 5 year old that has a mouth full of Oreos, 20 minutes before dinner, if they know who took some cookies out of the cookie jar.

Reading The Body Language Of Jurors

A New Technique Anyone Can Use To Gather Better Information

I got so much email about reading the Body Language of jurors since that last post about Bull.  So I’ll go into a bit more detail here.

It’s Day 1 of the trial and you’re listening to the opposing council’s opening statement.  Is she connecting with the jury?  How can you tell if she is or isn’t?  If she isn’t, how can she change that? 

Let’s take a look at some Nonverbal cues that will have you reading the body language of jurors in no time.

Bull On CBS – Is The Nonverbal Information Valid Or Bull?

Are their facts just fluff when it comes to Body Language?

Bull, The Hit Show On CBS – Every now and then a TV show dealing with human behavior is created and you love it. 

Bull TV Show - Dr. Phil - Scott Rouse Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker

Because when you watch it, you feel as though you’re learning some “inside information” that you’ve never had access to before.

My Top 5 Body Language Posts Of 2016

From The Nonverbals of Bill Clinton & Darth Vader To Your Limbic Systems & Famous Liars

Last year was huge for Body Language and Nonverbal Communication.  That brings me to my top 5 Body Language posts of 2016.  

My Top 5 Body Language Posts Of 2016 - Scott Rouse

The question I was asked daily in email, phone calls, and at speaking engagements was “Is he lying about _____?” and “Is she lying about _____?”.