Body Language: Are You Seeing What You Think You’re Seeing?

Quite often when observing someone’s body language you’ll be under the impression you’re seeing something specific. Something you’ve read about, heard about, or been taught.

Guess what? Things aren’t always what they seem to be. Especially when it comes to decoding body language. This video will show you what to look for and why, when making decisions about what you’re seeing.

Body Language of A Con

(It’s Not What You Think It Is)

Body Language of a Con. Dr. Milton Erickson was the first to really lean into the study of human behavior as it relates to the interactions that create what he coined “Matching and Mirroring”. If you’ll observe best friends, family members, and even people who really admire each other but are just meeting for the first time, you’ll notice they will match and mirror each other.

A Potent Technique

This is a technique you can use not only when looking for the body language of a con and in meetings you can use it at home as well. The con man, grifter, confidence man, confidence woman use this technique from the moment you get near them. It makes you feel more relaxed and less wary around them. Especially when your money, property, or deal is involved.

Learn about matching and mirroring and keep an eye out for someone using to soon when talking to you. Especially someone you don’t know.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Scott Rouse as Your Keynote Speaker

As a human behavior analyst and Body Language Expert, Scott Rouse holds multiple certificates in advanced interrogation training and has been trained along side the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Military Intelligence, and the Department of Defense.

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His extensive training, education, and practice of nonverbal communication has made him an expert and consultant to law enforcement as well as Fortune 100 companies, CEO’s, attorneys, executives, and entertainers. Scott is also a multi Grammy Nominated Producer and TEDx Speaker.

Your Body Language Superpower

Your Body Language Superpower. Body Language as a “Power” is cool to have. And like most people, you’ve always imagined what it would be like to have a real Superpower.

Today, I’ve got some great news for you. YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE. You may or may not be aware of it. If you’re not…

Do You Look Like A Liar?

Do you look like a liar? Some people may think so and you may not even know it. Why is that? Why do some people look like they’re lying when in reality they’re telling the truth? I get asked that all the time. And in this video I tell you why and what to do to help you look more like you’re being honest when you’re actually BEING honest.

5 Things Body Language Says About You

Here are 5 things body language says about you. Out of my list these are the top 5. In fact it’s thehub I guess you’d say of what happens when someone’s body language tries to let you know what they’re really thinking. These 5 focus mainly on the face, mouth and eyes, but will get to other parts of the body in other videos. But for now, try to use what you learn from this video this week at work, school, at home or in a social situation. You’ll see all of these most likely.

Use Hand Gestures To Regulate Conversations – 1 Minute Video

Use Hand Gestures In Conversations

There are times you’ll need to take control of a conversation. It may be that you have a short amount of time to get your point across without being rude.

Or maybe you’re an attorney and your closing statement is gonna run a bit long.  There are also times you need to be the one talking while at the same time giving your listener the impression you are the one listening.  (I’ll show you how to do that in this 1 minute video.)

Hand gestures are the key.  In this video I’ll teach you a couple of “regulators” that will help you in those situations as well as some others.

2 Minutes From Now You’re Gonna Know More About The Body Language Of Your Co-Workers Than You Ever Thought Possible

2 Body Language Cues You Will See Today

Most people begin paying attention to body language cues when there is an “event”.  For example, when someone answers a question that seems deceptive, the person asking begins to look for “deception cues” they’ve heard about on TV or read about in an article somewhere.  Too late.

scott rouse body language expert

Watch these 2 60 second videos.  Because you’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on with the person before you ask the question.  Are the illustrators they’re using really big?  Or are they small to almost non existent?  What about the adapters they use?  Did they use any at all before you asked the question?  Did they start using them after you asked the question?  These are things you need to know before you begin decoding body language…

Titans Try To Hide Emotions In Plain Sight

With Body Language, Things Aren't Always The Way They Seem

Titans Try To Hide Emotions In Plain Sight.  Hiding emotions is hard to do. It’s even harder if you’re in the public eye.  In this video, Titan football players Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter try to hide emotions in plain sight.

Their feelings about what happened seem obvious by the shaking of Kendall Wright’s head. Fans and foes alike have given opinions about what they’re seeing in this clip.  Now let’s talk about what you’re really seeing…

Video – The Meaning Of The Investor’s Facial Expressions In 53 Seconds

When pitching, entrepreneurs tend to pay most attention to those who are smiling at them and ignore the investors who are frowning.  Are the “smilers” the right people to focus you energy and attention on?  In less than 60 seconds, you’re gonna know exactly who to focus on and why.  And I promise, it’s probably not what you think.

This short video is from Baker Donnelson‘s video series “The Entrepreneur Minute”.  These videos give you valuable, valid, and useable information you can use for your business or your start up.  I’ve done several of these 60 second shorts over the past couple of years and they’re all focused on Body Language tips for entrepreneurs.

Scott Rouse Body Language Mentor Baker Donelson 5

Do you think I should do a video like this every week or so?  Would that help you?  If so, what are of body Language should they focus on?  Business, pitching, the workplace?  Let me know.  (Tell me here) Or (message me on Twitter)

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