Bull On CBS – Is The Nonverbal Information Valid Or Bull?

Are their facts just fluff when it comes to Body Language?

Bull, The Hit Show On CBS – Every now and then a TV show dealing with human behavior is created and you love it. 

Bull TV Show - Dr. Phil - Scott Rouse Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker

Because when you watch it, you feel as though you’re learning some “inside information” that you’ve never had access to before.

Body Language And Eye Glasses

Body Language and Eye Glasses.   The one thing most people don’t think about when focusing on their own body language during a meeting, date, or pitch, is their glasses.

Scott-Rouse- Body-Language-Expert- Consultant

It never crossed my mind that by wearing glasses I could be giving someone a bad impression. Until… I saw myself in a video talking to someone, and I was looking down my huge nose at them.

Fake Won’t Stick

In negotiations, interrogations, heated discussions, and business meetings, you see a myriad of emotions expressed.  One of the key indicators of an insincere emotion in these situations is the length of time the facial expression of the emotion is displayed.  In other words I like to say “Fake won’t stick”.

For example, if you ask a question and the person you’re asking smiles while answering and the smile goes away very quickly, that suggests the person may not be as honest about their feelings toward the answer as they would want you to believe…   

Is Your Gift A Hit? Their Body Language Will Tell You

Is your gift a hit?  Their body language will tell you.  You thought you had all your gift shopping done.  So you head out to the Christmas party.  Half way there, you realize you forgot to get one of your best friends a gift.  You stop at the mall, run in and choose something you think they’ll like.  They wrap it for you and you make it to the party just in time.

is-your-gift-a-hit - their-body-language-will-tell-you

Just as you walk in, the friend you bought the gift for walks up and says “Hey, I’ve got something for you” and hands you a present.  You take it and say “Thanks, I got you a little something too” as you hand over your present.