The Difference In Lying And Deception

One of the questions I get most often is “What’s the difference in lying and deception?”  That’s a great question because the difference is a bit unclear due to the way people use the word deception these days.

The use and meaning of the word lying hasn’t changed much at all.  Sans the fact saying “I misspoke” after being caught in a bold faced lie, seems to lessen the harshness of the act.


Tell Me What You Want To Know About Body Language

A lot of people have been asking me if we can hang out so I can teach them how to know if someone is lying to them, or if somebody has the hots for them, or if someone isn’t telling them the whole story, all sorts of things like that. And those things are really easy to learn. I mean really easy. I can show you tons of them in just a few minutes.

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So I’m gonna make some time this month, March really, to put something together that answers all those questions. And if you’re interested in that at all, let me know what you want to learn, because I’m gonna start putting it together next week.

Your Eyes At Your Next Business Meeting

There are so many books, experts, studies, and “gut feelings” that tell you about body language and what to do with your eyes at your next business meeting.  As well as how to look at someone during that meeting.

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You hear “Don’t break eye contact because _______” and “Don’t blink too much because _______”.

Do you look at, or observe, someone differently: In a meeting than you do at Church? At the mall than at work? On a date than when ordering lunch?

I’m gonna break it down so it’s very easy to understand and way too simple to forget what to do with your eyes at your next business meeting…

What’s The Holy Grail of Body Language? (It’s not spotting a lie)

About 90% of the time, the first question I’m asked after I’ve given a talk on body language or deception detection, is “How can you tell when someone is lying?”.  That seems to be the Holy Grail of body language.  However, no one has ever asked me the most powerful question they should want the answer to if they think someone may be lying. Scott-Rouse-Holy-Grail-Of-Lies

This question has the answer that could tell you so much more about the person, what’s really going on, and what’s gonna happen next.  What’s the question?  Here it is:

Free eBook: Inside My Body Language Briefcase

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This short e-book is my chance to give you a look inside my “Body Language Briefcase” and share with you the 5 tools I use in every one of those meetings.

First, I’ll very quickly explain what they are.  Then, I’ll give you the details and show you exactly how and when I use them, and for which specific situations.

(And it’s a pretty quick read, less than 30 pages with great pictures and graphics).

My hope is, that you will be able to use this information to help you when it comes time to make decisions about the integrity of the person or people you’re meeting with.

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Inside My Body Language Briefcase – Part 2

Inside My Body Language Briefcase – Part 2:  Tool #1 of 5.


The information you’re searching for will give you the insight to this person or these people that not many others have.  That’s why it’s important the information is correct.  Double check everything you hear from others about this person.  This tool in my body language briefcase is especially important for the tools that follow

Inside My Body Language Briefcase

Inside My Body Language Briefcase – When I’m asked to assess someone’s body language for a law firm, a group of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, or law enforcement, I have a specific set of guidelines or “tools” I go by and use.  This is my chance to let you take a look inside my Body Language Briefcase and share with you the 5 tools I use in every one of those meetings.


I will very quickly explain what the tools are.  Then, I will give you the details and show you exactly how and when I use them, and for which specific situations.  You can adapt those to your style and teach others on your team or in your company to use them as well…