How To Spot A Fake Expression

11 Days Of Body Language - Day 9

You give a coworker some information that should make them happy.  But it doesn’t.  For some reason, your coworker begins to get angry.  Everything seems to be as it should.  However, your gut tells you something isn’t right…   Scott Rouse Body Language Expert Tennessee 2  Is the emotion that person is showing you real?  Is their expression fake?  Do you know how to spot a fake expression?  If not, you’ll know how 90 seconds from now…  READ MORE

Use Hand Gestures To Regulate Conversations – 1 Minute Video

Use Hand Gestures In Conversations

There are times you’ll need to take control of a conversation. It may be that you have a short amount of time to get your point across without being rude.

Or maybe you’re an attorney and your closing statement is gonna run a bit long.  There are also times you need to be the one talking while at the same time giving your listener the impression you are the one listening.  (I’ll show you how to do that in this 1 minute video.)

Hand gestures are the key.  In this video I’ll teach you a couple of “regulators” that will help you in those situations as well as some others.

Body Language Tips: Did They See A Ghost?

Anybody ever tell you about the time they saw a ghost?  Chances are, somebody has.  But did they really see a ghost?

Like you, right out of the gate I’m more than a bit hesitant when it comes to believing a ghost story.  Especially when it’s told by someone I don’t know.

Not because body language my skill set automatically puts me on high alert when this type of story begins, it’s the little things I see, that you see as well.  You just don’t realize what you’re seeing.  However, your brain isn’t missing a thing… 

Keys To A Persuasive Presentation Or Investor Pitch

After an entrepreneur I’ve trained pitches to a room packed with several hundred investors, like this year’s Jumpstart Foundry Investor Day Pitches, no less than 10 people always ask me the same question…  “Why do I have the feeling that he/she is into Spirituality or something?”  And I always answer “That’s hilarious.  I have no idea.”


Actually, I do have an idea.  As a matter of fact, I know exactly why they feel that way.  It’s due to a calculated and well timed series of moves and cues that Yogis use during meditation, and “charismatics” from India use when speaking to their followers.  You’ll also see many of the same hand gestures, or “Mudras” as they’re called, used by those practicing Yoga and Transcendental Meditation.

When I’m attempting to secure effective communication between an entrepreneur with a startup idea, to a room full of possible investors, it’s important to equip them with every possible tool I can find or create.  So I do that.

In most cases, Science can’t tell us why these gestures create the feelings they do in humans.  Or why some humans feel compelled to do specific tasks when they are presented with them in a specific fashion.  I’ve found them to be extremely potent when used properly in an interrogation setting, as well as in a presentation or pitch setting.

It’s such a rewarding feeling when you see a pitch containing these gestures and movements executed flawlessly, like the pitch Trevor McCormick, of Spotwise, gave at the Jumpstart Foundry pitches this year.

Watch this video of several sections of that pitch and you’ll see, from a different point of view, the same things the investors saw that made them ask me “Why do I have the feeling he’s into Spirituality or something?”  If you have any questions, or if there’s anything you’d like to learn more about, please email me or ask in the comments.