Day 3 – Stress Mouth

Here is one of the most common body language cues you will see.  It’s called “Stress Mouth” and the odds are you’ll see it three times today.  Once at work or school and twice on the news or in your social media feed.

It looks like this:  The bottom lip pushes upward and the top lip pushes downward, both lips disappear.  Most recently you’ve seen Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and even Donald Trump displaying the Stress Mouth cue…

I’ve used this graphic before and I’m using it now because it shows perfect examples of Stress Mouth.

You’ll see this cue most often when someone is being questioned during one of those congressional hearings.  The one to watch out for is the Stress Mouth or “Disappearing Lips” you see when someone is becoming agitated.   

I like to say that when you see a person in an argument with Stress Mouth, that person is on a rocket sled to fighting.  You’ll also see it when someone is being disciplined or being told something they don’t want to hear.

Pay attention today and see if you run into this cue at least 3 times.  Have you seen it lately?


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