Discover Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Video Interview by Brandon from Life's Secret Sauce

Scott Rouse - Life's Secret Sauce Interview - Body Language Expert - Nashville - Your Inner Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock

Discover Your Inner Sherlock Holmes I had a blast talking with Brandon from Life’s Secret Sauce blog.  We talked about everything from the secret to tapping into, as well as learning how to Discover Your Inner Sherlock Holmes to understanding who is lying to you and why.

The interview is fairly short but we cover a great many topics.  We talked about how to practice what Sherlock Holmes skills you have learned about Body Language in restaurants and the common situations you find yourself in every day… continue

You’ll see a great example of what someone looks like when they are really excited about the topic they are discussing.  (That would be me in that example.)  We also talk about how to Baseline someone correctly.

We cover some Body Language cues you should look for when you are negotiating and we also go over some Body Language mistakes you’ll want to pay attention to so you don’t make them at the most crucial times.

Sherlock Holmes, Lying And The Decoders

We talked a little bit about LieStrong, the video I put together after Lance Armstrong was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.  We talked some of the heavy hitters in the Body Language arena like Greg Hartley, Mark Bowden, Joe Navarro, and Janine Driver.

At one point I let it slip that Greg Hartley and I are writing a book about Body Language.  And we talk a little bit about the beta version of the online course Body Language Tactics that Greg and I put out a few months ago that had so many people joining at the same time it crashed our server.

Sherlock Holmes & Learning Body Language

After that we talked about the full version of the course and when it will be released and what makes it so powerful as a Micro-Learning Course.  All that in about 40 minutes.

Let me know what you think on Twitter and if you have any questions about anything we talked about, or anything else for that matter, just let me know.