Enough Already! 5 Things About Body Language We’re Tired Of Hearing

My head will explode if I hear these one more time

Enough Already.  5 Things About Body Language We’re Tired Of Hearing.  I would rather stand in line for 3 days at a carpet store, than listen to or read one more thing about these five specific Body Language subjects.

Enough already - 5 things about body language we're tired of hearing

I’d rather be beaten to death with a yard sprinkler than hear about the first three ever again.  Do you feel the same way?

When someone tells me 73% of all communication is Body Language, they might as well be saying “President Lincoln signed the Declaration of Independence at Freaknik just 2 years before Louis and Clark discovered the Alamo.”  It’s not true… 

#1- The 7-38-55 Rule of Communication.

This has been debunked by the guy who it was originally attributed to, Albert Mehrabian.  I also debunk it in my TEDx  Talk “How To Kill Your Body Language Frankenstein and Inspire The Villagers”.  However, there are still teachers and trainers of Body Language who open up their training with it as if it were a fact. Enough already.  Stop it!

#2- Crossed Arms Means The Person Is Closed Off. 

My gag reflex doesn’t work anymore and this one is the reason why.  Just because someone’s arms are crossed, it doesn’t mean they don’t agree, they don’t like you, they’re are not receptive…  It might mean one of those.  However, it depends on what’s going on in real time.  They may be cold, more comfortable, or maybe they think it makes them look cool.  Enough already.

#3- Liars Break Eye Contact. 

This one is the Reverse Mohawk of the Body Language world.  It sounds bad-ass.  But in reality it’s goofy.  Almost everyone you know will answer right out of the gate with this one when you ask how they know someone is lying to them.  Why do they do that?  Because that’s what they’ve been taught.  A liar wants to maintain eye contact so they can see your face if you don’t believe them.

#4- Steepling Makes You Look Like You Think You Know Everything. 

No kidding.  You want to look like you know everything about what you’re discussing.  Especially if you do know everything, or most everything anyway.  If you do, be confident.  Look confident.  You can do that by steepling your fingers.

Scott Rouse -Enough already 5 things

#5- Liars Looks Down To The Left when answering.  Enough Already…  

I would rather be murdered with a golf pencil than have this explained to me like it’s a scientific fact one more time.  I know a guy who only looks down to the right for every answer.  From “What time is it?” to “Did you vote Republican or Democrat?” 

You must get a baseline for this.  Some people will look up and right when listening to a long question.  Others will look down and left.  You have to get a baseline on the person before you start making decisions about that.

Different people look to different places when recalling information.  Millions of people look in the same places, and millions of people don’t.  Enough already.  Baseline the person and go from there.

Do you feel this way about any of these?  Tell me which ones you’re sick of @ScottRouse3.