A Free Lesson From “Body Language Tactics”

A Free Lesson To Give You An Idea Of How Easy and Fun Your Learning Experience Will Be.

Understanding nonverbal cues and tells that let you know what someone is thinking, or how they’re feeling gives you the edge you’re looking for when trying to figure out all the confusing information and situations you see in the media. body language tactics - course - free lesson - scott rouse - greg hartley

Body Language Tactics will turn you into the person other people ask about what they are seeing in meetings, on the news, in Facebook posts, and all the other things you wonder about when trying to decode Body Language in today’s volatile culture climate.

This is Lesson 1 from Module One.  Note that Greg and I trade off throughout the course. For example, I will narrate the video in Lesson 1 for this Module and Greg adds a downloadable MP3 of the same lesson, but from a different angle. The 3rd piece for you is the short written part of Lesson 1.  This gives you another version and take of the same information.  Last but not least is the PDF download of what we cover in the video so you can put it in a notebook or folder to go over it later and refer to it as needed.

Here’s a quick GIF of what the Lesson Page looks like.

Lesson 1 Module 1 Body Language Tactics free lesson

After you complete the 5 short lessons in Module 1 you’ll have a short quiz to make sure you learned and kept the important parts of each lesson.  The entire course is structured that way.  So it’s quick, easy to understand, and easy to refer to what you’ve learned so you can refresh your memory and skills if/when you’d like to.

(Keep in mind the lesson pages look 10,000 times cooler than in this blog post, because the course pages are on a learning platform.)

Here’s Lesson 1 from Module One straight from the Body Language Tactics course to show you how easy it is to become the lie-spotter and “mentalist” you always knew you could be…


Here are the downloads you’ll get for each lesson…

– This Is the MP3  Download


– This is the PDF Download



– This is the Worksheet for this Lesson

Body Language Tactics Worksheet

The price of the course skyrockets to $289 on Thursday and then back to the regular price of $1,250 on Monday November 5th.  So get in now if you want to beat the price increase.  BodyLanguageTactics.com

Any questions?  Ask me on Twitter @ScottRouse3.  I’ll answer quickly.