A Lame “Documentary” on Psychopathy

Netflix - Psychopath

“What Makes A Psychopath” – Netflix throws up a sad, misinformed presentation on psychopathy.  There are other ways to describe this weak attempt filled with misinterpretations and misguided ideas, however, it is nothing more than an amateur’s fascination with monsters that creates this lamely researched “documentary”.  It is one of the reasons the average person has no understanding or idea of what true psychopathy actually is.

I will be disecting this in a full post soon.

We’re On Your Alexa!

Just say "Alexa, enable Body Language Tactics".

Alexa, enable Body Language Tactics – After heavily using Alexa for 2 years and taking my Echo Spot with me everywhere I travel, and using it to learn things from the Alexa Skills I’ve enabled, we decided it was time we had our own Alexa Skill for Body Language Tactics.  So, now we do.  To enable it just turn to your Alexa and say “Alexa, enable Body Language Tactics”.  That’s it!

Body Language Tactics - Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Speaker - Trainer - Greg Hartley - Alexa

Now when you say “Alexa, update me” or “Alexa, What’s my flash briefing?” Greg Hartley and I will be part of your news, weather, and any other Skills you’ve enabled.  You’ll get a

A Free Lesson From “Body Language Tactics”

A Free Lesson To Give You An Idea Of How Easy and Fun Your Learning Experience Will Be.

Understanding nonverbal cues and tells that let you know what someone is thinking, or how they’re feeling gives you the edge you’re looking for when trying to figure out all the confusing information and situations you see in the media. body language tactics - course - free lesson - scott rouse - greg hartley

Body Language Tactics will turn you into the person other people ask about what they are seeing in meetings, on the news, in Facebook posts, and all the other things you wonder about when trying to decode Body Language in today’s volatile culture climate.

3 Simple Keys To Understanding Body Language

3 Simple Keys To understanding Body Language.  Most people are under the impression that learning and remembering specific cues is the key.  Nope.  Not even a little bit.  

The key is paying attention.  Observing.  Taking into consideration everything that is going on in the periphery.  This short video gives you secrets and keys you won’t find anywhere else.