A Lame “Documentary” on Psychopathy

Netflix - Psychopath

“What Makes A Psychopath” – Netflix throws up a sad, misinformed presentation on psychopathy.  There are other ways to describe this weak attempt filled with misinterpretations and misguided ideas, however, it is nothing more than an amateur’s fascination with monsters that creates this lamely researched “documentary”.  It is one of the reasons the average person has no understanding or idea of what true psychopathy actually is.

I will be disecting this in a full post soon.

We’re On Your Alexa!

Just say "Alexa, enable Body Language Tactics".

Alexa, enable Body Language Tactics – After heavily using Alexa for 2 years and taking my Echo Spot with me everywhere I travel, and using it to learn things from the Alexa Skills I’ve enabled, we decided it was time we had our own Alexa Skill for Body Language Tactics.  So, now we do.  To enable it just turn to your Alexa and say “Alexa, enable Body Language Tactics”.  That’s it!

Body Language Tactics - Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Speaker - Trainer - Greg Hartley - Alexa

Now when you say “Alexa, update me” or “Alexa, What’s my flash briefing?” Greg Hartley and I will be part of your news, weather, and any other Skills you’ve enabled.  You’ll get a

The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers

Starts August 11th on the Oxygen Channel

The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers – I was asked to decode the Body Language of 2 suspects for the new Oxygen Channel series The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers.

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Nashville - Stephanie Bauer - Dwayne Stanton - Crystal Rogers - Oxygen - disappearance of crystal rogers - murder

The show’s hosts, Stephanie Bauer and Dwayne Stanton have put together an investigation that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first minute of episode 1 to the very

You Can TRY To Turn It Off

When You're Always Decoding Body Language

You Can TRY To Turn It Off.  Greg Hartley and I were swapping stories on the phone and we began discussing what people say when we tell them what we do.  Inevitably, within three to seven minutes most every person asks, “Can you turn it off?”

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Professional Speaker - Keynote Speaker - Number 1 - try to turn it off

It Depends On The Situation  Greg said something I hadn’t thought about, but it holds true for me as well;  “If I’m around people I know, or people I’m well acquainted with, I’m fairly relaxed.  However, If I’m talking to someone and they say something that doesn’t sound right, then all of the tools turn on…”

The same thing happens to a sales prospect or an investor watching a pitch.  Everything is great.  Suddenly, for some reason they aren’t aware of,  they begin to feel like something just isn’t right.  Their Limbic Brain told them to pay close attention because something was up.

Crossed Arms Mean One Thing To Amateur Body Language Experts

Let's Get Past The Initial Amateur Breakdown Of This Photo

Crossed arms mean more than one thing and so does leaning on a desk.  It seems every amateur “Body Language Expert” has come out of the woodwork to let the world know what they think the Body Language of “crossed arms” means.

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Speaker - Trump - G7 - Arms Crossed - Crossed Arms

So that’s what I’m gonna do.  And most probably won’t agree with me.  However, I call ’em like I see ’em,  be ye friend, foe, guilty, innocent, adult, or child, you name it.  Let’s break this photo down and get another perspective on what might be happening here.

President Trump’s 5 Second Rule – Is It Real Or What?

Will President Trump REALLY know If the Summit will go well within the first 5 seconds?

President Trump’s 5 Second Rule. What did you think when you heard President Trump say he would know if the North Korean Summit would go good or go bad within the first 5 seconds?  To the most, that might be hard to believe.Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - nashville - Keynote Speaker - Professional Speaker - President Trump's 5 Second Rule - Can You Use It?

However, research and a study done at Harvard University says he can… READ MORE

Your Body Language Frankenstein

Your Body Language Frankenstein.  Crushing Body Language Myths.  Everyone has learned a little something about Body Language. You see a TV show, an interview with a body language expert, read a body language book, or watch a special on the Learning Channel. From that point on, as Body Language Expert and Former Army interrogator Greg Hartley put it “You begin piecing together your very own ‘Body Language Frankenstein’.”

Scott Rouse - Body Language Expert - Analyst - Keynote Speaker - Professional Speaker - Author - Your Body Language Frankenstein

That’s not good.  Because, you begin making decisions about whether someone you know is lying to you or not.  You may be under the impression the girl you’re talking to dislikes you, when in reality, she’s had a crush on you for quite some time now.