How To Create An Investable Pitch

How To Create An Investable Pitch: In today’s entrepreneurial world, pitching your idea effectively cab be the difference between funding and failure.

Over the last 3 years it has helped startups and entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars in funding.  In this course, I’ve walked over 1,500 students step by step through the pitch building process.

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How To: Create an Investable Pitch walks you step-by-step through the most important part of bringing your idea into reality; creating an investor pitch. You will learn The PitchFixer Method which has proven itself many times over by helping startups and entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars of funding.

Zingfin Investor Day 1Throughout the course,Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Vanderbilt professors, Master Mentors, CEOs, Lawyers and Financial Gurus will give you insights, suggestions and tactics on building slides and engaging investors before, during and after your pitch.

You will learn and use the same methods and tools The Nashville Entrepreneur Center uses with every entrepreneur that walks through their doors. The track record, reputation and success of The PitchFixer Method makes this course a must.

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Scott Rouse walks you slide by slide through creating an Investable Pitch.

Upon finishing the course you will have a complete understanding of what information your pitch deck should contain and in what order that information should be presented.

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Comparing slides from successful pitch decks with slides from some not so successful pitch decks will teach you how to spot and correct the most common mistakes startups and entrepreneurs make during the pitch-building process.

You will learn how much time to spend on each slide. You will discover the key to preparing for questions from investors after your pitch, and you’ll learn what questions to ask them as well. You will also discover how and why you want to research the investors you pitch to… And it’s not for the reasons you think.


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Ever wonder what Investors are thinking? Now you’ll know.

When pitching there are many things that click the investor’s Gut Feeling Controls to the Something’s Not Right Here setting. Even though you’re being honest, you may inadvertently do something that tells the investor’s Limbic Brain “Look out, this guy’s up to something…” From an interrogator’s perspective, Scott Rouse will teach you what those things are and how to correct and avoid them.Pitch Screen Body Language 4

You will learn where and how to stand and what to do with your hands. You’ll learn where to look, who to look at, and for how long. You’ll discover the signs that tell you which investors are interested in your pitch, and which investors will waste your time.  You will also discover how powerful pauses can be and where to strategically place them throughout your pitch.


The Toolkit 3-1

With Create An Investable SlideDeck you get complete access to allof the tools and handouts (in PDF form) that are otherwise available only when purchased in The InvestablePitch ToolKit. There are more, but here are some examples of the tools you get:

– The IdeaFrame: Scott Rouse IdeaFrame The first and most important step for startups entering any accelerator. Quickly and easily create a high level business model for your idea. The information gathered is used to create a pitch that has a credible and powerfully potent punch.

– The PitchMap: Scott Rouse PitchMap Idea FrameThis tool allows you to quickly and easily create 15, 30, and 60 second elevator pitches. It also gives you a better understanding of what your Purpose Statement should be.

– The Investable SlideDeck: This gives you a tight, short and sharp description of what each slide should look like and contain as well as the structure of the pitch.