How To Look At Someone Correctly

11 Days Of Body Language - Day 4

Where do you look when you talk to someone?  At their eyes?  How long do you look at their eyes?  Which one do you look at?  What if you go back and forth too much?  What if you look at their mouth, and they see you looking?  Is that weird?

Scott Rouse Body Language Expert NashvilleSo many questions about how to look at someone. Never thought much about them before, huh? Most people don’t. I’m gonna clear all that up for you right now…

Let’s start with where you look when talking with someone in a business meeting. This is the first of three “Gazes” we’ll dissect. It’s called The Power Gaze.Scott Rouse body Language Expert 2

You look only at the other person’s eyes and forehead. If you’re talking business with someone you just met you’ll find this is easy.

The next Gaze is The Social Gaze. This gaze is for someone you feel comfortable with. Someone you know. A family member, a friend or someone at work.Scott Rouse body Language Expert 3

You look at the other person’s eyes and mouth. Their forehead too but not as much as you did using The Power Gaze. Guys look at girls like this. Girls look at guys like this. Friends look at each other using this gaze.

Next up is The Intimate Gaze. You graduate through the other two gazes to get to this one. But you shouldn’t see or use this one in business meetings.Scott Rouse body Language Expert 4

You look at the other person’s eyes as well as their chest and shoulder areas.  This gaze is for those who are quite familiar with each other.  Or for those who want to become quite familiar with each other.

As you go through the week, pay attention to where you look when talking to people.  Pay attention to where they look as well. You may notice someone you know well always uses The Power Gaze when they talk to you.Scott Rouse body Language Expert 1

You may also notice someone you find attractive using The Intimate Gaze when they talk to you.  Ah… The more you learn about this nonverbal stuff the more interesting things become.

Any questions? Let me know.



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