How To Spot A Body Language Expert Lying

And Be 100% Accurate

You’d think a “Body Language Expert”, “Behavior Analyst” or “Human Lie Detector” would be 100% honest every time they opened their mouth.  Guess what?  There’s one question you can ask to spot a Body Language Expert lying and be 100% accurate.  As well, it will generate an array of Body Language cues not many people get to see them transmit.

Keynote speaker - Nashville - Scott Rouse - Body Language

Here’s what will happen as soon as you ask the question.  There will be a slight but obvious pause.  A smile will be triggered during the pause and it will grow.  Sometimes into a full-blown Duchenne Smile.  Sometimes just a simple semi-controlled smile.  At that point they will answer…

That answer had better be a definite “No”.  If not?  Outside of a very few caveats, you’ve caught a Body Language Expert lying.

What is the question?  All Body Language Experts are asked it, and all Body Language Experts know answering honestly may damage their social, business, and even personal relationships.  Hence the reason for the numerous cues you will observe when you ask it.  The question is:  “Can you turn it off?” / “Do you ever turn it off?”

Scott Rouse - Body Language - Nashville - Keynote speaker

It may be hard to believe that you can’t possibly “turn it off”.  But it’s like going to a haunted house.  Once you get in there, you’re looking, listening, and waiting to see a ghost.  You’re focused too.  Even if somebody were to say “Look!  I found $100!” or “You’re not gonna believe what the price of Ethereum is right now!”, you may be momentarily distracted, but you’re not to going to forget where you are and what might be going on all around you.

It’s the same for true Body Language Experts.  Anywhere there’s a human; alone, paired up, or in a group.  Whether or not you are part of that group or conversation, you’re going to be decoding every little move, facial expression, scratch, comb, cough, blink, you name it, you’ll be observing it.  And you’ll be thinking about it.

When you have conversations with your husband, wife, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, brother, sister, it’s the same thing.  You may not be on “10” with those people, but you’re going to be aware.

Former Army Interrogator and Trainer, Greg Hartley explains it best.  “When I’m at a family gathering like Christmas or Thanksgiving, I’m relaxed, everything is fine and everyone is happy.  Nobody there is a criminal, a con, or even questionable.  However, at some point during a conversation someone will inevitably say something that will hit me just a little bit off.  And every tool comes on like a computer program.”

Asking that question will get to the heart of that person.  If they answer “Yes” with a straight face, you’ll have a smorgasbord of cues you can use to baseline this expert for further questions.  When you do this, tell me about it @ScottRouse.