Video – The Meaning Of The Investor’s Facial Expressions In 53 Seconds

When pitching, entrepreneurs tend to pay most attention to those who are smiling at them and ignore the investors who are frowning.  Are the “smilers” the right people to focus you energy and attention on?  In less than 60 seconds, you’re gonna know exactly who to focus on and why.  And I promise, it’s probably not what you think.

This short video is from Baker Donnelson‘s video series “The Entrepreneur Minute”.  These videos give you valuable, valid, and useable information you can use for your business or your start up.  I’ve done several of these 60 second shorts over the past couple of years and they’re all focused on Body Language tips for entrepreneurs.

Scott Rouse Body Language Mentor Baker Donelson 5

Do you think I should do a video like this every week or so?  Would that help you?  If so, what are of body Language should they focus on?  Business, pitching, the workplace?  Let me know.  (Tell me here) Or (message me on Twitter)