Using Manipulators And Regulators In Conversations?

You Use Them More Often Than You May Think

Are Manipulators and Regulators part of your conversation style?  Do you ever feel your part of the conversation is being manipulated?  Or regulated?

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You may not realize it, but it happens to you quite often.  As well, you’re most likely the manipulator and regulator of conversations more often than you may think…

How To Update Your Skill Set In Less Than 1 Hour

Is it time to update your skill set?

How To Update Your Skill Set In Less Than 1 Hour.  Have you ever felt like things have changed and nobody told you what that change was?

Body Language TacticsYou didn’t see the change happen.  And everything pretty much seems the same.  But something’s just not right.  And it’s coming from your side of the table.

When Looking For Deception Where Do You Start?

When looking for Deception where do you start?  Most people are under the impression that a person trained in nonverbal communication and body language can instantly see every deceptive cue on a person when they are looking for a liar.

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I wish that were true.  The closest thing to experiencing that would be asking a 5 year old that has a mouth full of Oreos, 20 minutes before dinner, if they know who took some cookies out of the cookie jar.

Reading The Body Language Of Jurors

A New Technique Anyone Can Use To Gather Better Information

I got so much email about reading the Body Language of jurors since that last post about Bull.  So I’ll go into a bit more detail here.

It’s Day 1 of the trial and you’re listening to the opposing council’s opening statement.  Is she connecting with the jury?  How can you tell if she is or isn’t?  If she isn’t, how can she change that? 

Let’s take a look at some Nonverbal cues that will have you reading the body language of jurors in no time.

Bull On CBS – Is The Nonverbal Information Valid Or Bull?

Are their facts just fluff when it comes to Body Language?

Bull, The Hit Show On CBS – Every now and then a TV show dealing with human behavior is created and you love it. 

Bull TV Show - Dr. Phil - Scott Rouse Body Language Expert - Keynote Speaker

Because when you watch it, you feel as though you’re learning some “inside information” that you’ve never had access to before.

My Top 5 Body Language Posts Of 2016

From The Nonverbals of Bill Clinton & Darth Vader To Your Limbic Systems & Famous Liars

Last year was huge for Body Language and Nonverbal Communication.  That brings me to my top 5 Body Language posts of 2016.  

My Top 5 Body Language Posts Of 2016 - Scott Rouse

The question I was asked daily in email, phone calls, and at speaking engagements was “Is he lying about _____?” and “Is she lying about _____?”.

What Is Extra Face?

The expression you don't realize you see every day finally has a name

What is Extra Face?  There’s an expression you see every day.  You see it on your favorite shows, you see it at social gatherings, you see it on Facebook.
Extra Face - Body Language Expert - Scott Rouse - Keynote Speaker
And as soon as I tell you what it is and describe it, you’ll never go another day without noticing it.  It’s something I coined and I call it Extra Face. 

Clean Out Your Body Language Junk Drawer

It's time to rid your brain of all that bad and incomplete body language information

It’s time to clean out your body language junk drawer.  You been gathering information and tips, old wive’s tales, stuff from movies, and things you hear in TV shows, and even “secrets” from so called experts. 


And guess what… Most of that information is incorrect and/or incomplete.  Yeah, I know.  It sounds crazy.  But I promise, it’s true…

Body Language Of The 2nd Presidential Debate

What The Nonverbals Of Hillary And Trump Actually Told Us

What did the Body Language of the 2nd Presidential debate really tell us?  It told us a truck-load of information…

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We saw Hillary and Trump use plenty of Body Language Gestures that were similar to the ones they used in the last debate.  That was normal.  We saw true anger and fake anger.  As well as true disgust and fake disgust.  We also saw disgust that was leaked from both candidates.

Body Language, The Presidential Debate, and 4 Body Language Experts

Top Body Language Experts Team Up To Live-Tweet Presidential Debate

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Body language, the Presidential debate, and 4 body language experts.  For anyone even the least bit interested in body language or nonverbal communication, Sunday will be a goldmine of information for you.  Whether you’re a professional or just finding your interest in detecting deception, 

Body Language Preparation For the Trump Clinton Debate

A Review Of The Nonverbal Cues You Will See

Body Language preparation for the Trump Clinton Debate.  I’ve never had so many people ask me the same 7 to 10 questions about nonverbal cues before…

scott rouse - body language expert - nashville -keynote speaker - trump clinton debate

“How do you know when Hillary is lying?”  “Will I know when Trump is lying?”  “What about Clinton and Trump faking anger, contempt, or happiness?”…