Reader’s Questions

When I’m speaking somewhere I’m always asked great questions.  I love answering them, so I like my talks to be interactive.  I’m especially fond of answering reader’s questions.  So, if you’ve got a question, ask me, let’s get up in it.Scott-Rouse-Answers-Readers-Questions-550x366My readers have so many great, well thought out, questions and I answer every one of them.  I thought you may find this one interesting since many of the questions are similar.  I’m gonna do this every week or so, in case you have any body language questions you want answered.

Question: “Does it mean my son is lying when his leg is jiggling when I ask him where he’s been and what he’s been doing?”

Answer:  Here’s the most important thing to keep in mind;  There are no absolutes when it comes to body language.

There is no specific cue, tell, or movement that will let you know for sure that someone is lying.  However, if his leg is shaking when you ask the question, then it suddenly stops… That may suggest he’s not being as open about his answer as you may want him to be.

It doesn’t mean he’s lying to you, but he may know of something that happened, he may not have been a part of it, but it may not have been something good.  He may have wanted, or planned, to do something but for some reason it didn’t happen and he thought about it when you asked your question.  There are a myriad of reasons his leg may stop jiggling.

His leg may have stopped jiggling because his brain wants to focus every bit of energy it has on an answer that he believes you will feel comfortable with.  Or maybe his limbic system got a little jolt from your question and he froze as we humans are apt to do when frightened or suddenly stressed.

When you ask a question, you want to look for any immediate changes in behavior.  If his leg is jiggling and keeps juggling after the question, all may be well.  If he starts clearing his throat during the answer and after, they may have more to tell you.

If he isn’t jiggling anything when you ask the question, but then his leg or foot starts jiggling after the question, keep asking questions.

If the answer should be “No, I didn’t.” or “It wasn’t me.”, and he answers “No I did not”, or “No, it was not me.”, again keep asking questions.  Because nobody talks that way.  It’s weird.

So if he answers in an odd fashion, heads up.  Again, keep asking questions.  Don’t show act or sound suspicious.  Just keep asking questions around the subject of your original question.  You’ll get the truthful answer soon.

If you have a question, ask me.  I’ll write you back with an answer.  If it’s a good one, I may answer it in a post like I did this one.  If there’s something you’d like to know more about, ask me.