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(Decoding Your Customer's Body Language

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Quick Summary

See More Sell More (Decoding Your Customers Body Language):  The ability to understand the intention, motives, and goals of those you meet with is one of the most powerful and coveted tools you can acquire in today’s business climate.

In this talk I break down the nonverbal cues you see in sales meetings and negotiations.  The cues that tell you if someone agrees, disagrees, or has an alternative solution or suggestion are obvious if you know what, when, and where to look for them.

In every sales meeting, negotiation, and introduction, you and the person you are meeting with are transmitting back and forth, hundreds of nonverbal and paraverbal cues telling each of you what the other is both thinking and feeling in real time.

This talk will give you not only the key to observing and not just seeing the cues, tells, and gestures everyone you meet or speak with will be transmitting, it will enable you to share this information with others in your company or on your team.

Presentation Outline

Using examples from my own experience as well as relevant case studies, I explain how to use specific body language techniques and strategies to give you an advantage in sales situations.  The process involves five steps:

The process involves five steps:

1. Observing Correctly.  The difference in “seeing” and “observing” is enormous.  Most people are under the impression they are observing a person or situation when in fact, they are only seeing.  Here, I share specifically how to stop seeing and start observing.

2.  Creating Rapport Quickly.  The most crucial tool in sales is the ability to create and build a bond of trust and rapport very quickly.  In step 2 I show you the right way to “Match & Mirror” so you look and even sound exactly as your customer would want you to.  This will be the most powerful tool in your Body Language Toolkit.

3. Decoding The Comfort/Discomfort Cues.  Understanding cues telling you the customer is wasting your time or is ready to buy is imperative.  Here, I share the keys to decoding not only the small  but the large cues that go unnoticed by most everyone, until they know exactly what to look for.

4. How To Look At Anyone Correctly.  Looking at your customer in the right place for the right amount of time can mean the difference in success or failure in sales.  Here I share the secret to looking at anyone in any situation, correctly.  Not only will this technique help your sales, it will also help on the way up both the social and business ladders.

5. The Audience: Truth & Deception.  It’s one thing to talk about and show photos of deception.  It’s an entirely different experience watching both in real time.  In this step audience members aid in showing what real deception and honesty look like when I decode their cues as they answer specific questions in real time.  What’s happening seems impossible at first, but as I remind the audience to use the skills they’ve just learned, they realize they’ve learned decode body language quite easily.

Target Audience

Any person, company, team, or department in need of a better understanding of what body language cues to watch for as well as verbal cues to listen for and use during meetings, negotiations, social engagements, and the initial lunch/dinner meeting with a possible new customer or client.

I train sales professionals to observe and make decisions about the body language cues they see time and time again, in meetings and business interactions.  I equip them with tools, that if used properly, will:

1- help them spot the specific nonverbal cues that tell them the other side of the table is in agreement of disagreement before they say a word.

2- help them know how to ask a question to get a complete answer.

3- help decide which “gaze” to use when talking to customers or possible customers and clients.

4- help them decide whether or not they are wasting their time with a customer or prospective client.

I have spoken on this topic to a wide array of industries— law firms, venture capitalists, realtors, mortgage bankers, insurance companies, angel investors, financial advisors, business consultants, colleges and universities, and small business associations.

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a Talk, Workshop, or Half Day Seminar.  The presentation can range from 30–120 minutes, depending on your needs.  The ideal presentation length is one hour.  The ideal workshop length is 3-4 hours.

Intended Outcomes

Audience members will learn the 5 tactics that are key to any sales meeting or negotiation.

Audience members will learn to spot the subtleties of hidden nonverbal cues that let them know very quickly if they are wasting their time or are on the way to a sale.

Audience members will learn to spot the subtleties of agreement and disagreement in any meeting or negotiation.

Audience members will be equipped with an array of body language tools they can use immediately.

Topic Authority

I am a behavior analyst and body language expert, and hold multiple certificates in advanced interrogation training and have been trained alongside the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Military Intelligence, and the Department of Defense.

My extensive training, education, and practice of nonverbal communication has made me an expert and consultant to law enforcement as well as successful CEO’s, attorneys, executives, financial advisors, and entertainers.

I teach Continuing Legal Education courses on Body Language for the Tennessee Bar Association.

I speak, teach, and lecture on Body Language at Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Business Management, Belmont University, Lipscomb University, The University of Tennessee.

I am the lead Body Language and Interrogation trainer at iCenter, where I train Law Enforcement, Military, Private Investigators, Lawyers, and Mediators.

In the last 5 years I have spoken to and trained Fortune 100 Companies from Microsoft and Coca-Cola to McDonald’s.

I have appeared on ABC and FOX.  As well, I have also been on numerous syndicated and local radio shows, as well as major rated podcasts.

At the Nashville Entrepreneur Center I was Entrepreneur In Residence and Mentor from 2011-2017.  I taught Body Language and Investor Pitching to Entrepreneurs and Startups, as well as up and coming CEO’s.  My training method “How To Create An Investable Pitch” combined with Body Language, Nonverbal Communication, and Persuasion techniques has helped Entrepreneurs all over the world raise over $480M.

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