Tell Me What You Want To Know About Body Language

A lot of people have been asking me if we can hang out so I can teach them how to know if someone is lying to them, or if somebody has the hots for them, or if someone isn’t telling them the whole story, all sorts of things like that. And those things are really easy to learn. I mean really easy. I can show you tons of them in just a few minutes.

scott rouse body language mentor 7

So I’m gonna make some time this month, March really, to put something together that answers all those questions. And if you’re interested in that at all, let me know what you want to learn, because I’m gonna start putting it together next week.

Use the Survey Monkey survey below to tell me what you want to learn.

When I’m finished I’ll answer those questions in a video, and if you want me to go into more detail about something specific, I’ll do that too. And this isn’t gonna cost anything.

So if you and I were gonna hang out for 30 minutes or an hour, what would you want to know?