Test Your Limbic System

Watch This Short Video And Find Out If Yours is Working Properly

Test Your Limbic System, it’s easy.  And everyone should do it.  Because the limbic system performs an array of varied but significant tasks.   But the one we’re gonna focus on for this post is the Freeze-Fight- or-Flight task.

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You’ve heard me talk about it before.  And when I do I usually talk about what I call “The True Psychopath” and how it has no feelings or empathy for anyone at all.  Not people, not babies, not animals, nothing. READ MORE

Test Your Limbic System

The True Psychopath

The Limbic System plays a huge and specific role in the behavior of the psychopath.  That’s because the part of the Limbic System called the Amygdala,  that’s where of feelings empathy are generated or “housed” I guess you’d say, and that part of the brain is either missing, malformed, or for some reason just isn’t functioning correctly.

That means The True Psychopath can’t have feelings of empathy.  Or any emotions at all for that matter.  That’s why it doesn’t bother them to do horrific things to people.  Even to family members and others that love them.  limbic System - Scott Rouse - body Language Expert 1Most don’t understand how charismatic and charming they can be.  The source of great deal of that “charisma and charm” is overlooked quite often because the psychopath’s target or victim doesn’t understand one important thing…

The Reason for The Psychopath’s Stare

Since The True Psychopath has no Amygdala (or has an abnormal Amygdala) therefore an inability to experience fear or that uncomfortable feeling you get when you look at someone much longer than what is socially acceptable, they can stare at a person for a long time without wincing.

Again, when they do this it’s usually misunderstood to be charisma or charm.  When in reality they’re staring too long because it doesn’t bother them or make them feel uncomfortable.

The Limbic Reaction

When you get surprised you experience a “Limbic Reaction” and when that happens your face shows it.Scott Rouse - body Language Expert 3 - Limbic System  Your eyebrows go way up to help make your eyes open wider.  Because your eyes are already trying their best to get really wide and take in all the information they possibly can.

And your mouth opens wide and you suck in as much oxygen as you can as fast as you can because you may be running or fighting in about 1 second and if you do either of those, your muscles are going to need that oxygen.  And the most interesting part of this whole process, is the fact that you don’t realize you’re doing all of these things.  It just happens as part of the Limbic Reaction.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?  Is your Limbic System in good working order?  Watch the video and find out.  After you watch it, tell me about it on Twitter.


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