The 11 Body Language Cues That Will Change Your Perspective On Every Person You Meet From This Day Forward For The Rest Of Your Life

11 Days Of Body Language Cues

I’m going to teach you the 11 body language cues that will change your perspective on every person you meet from this day forward for the rest of your life.


To do that I’ve put together 11 posts that explain what each cue is, what each cue suggests, how to spot them, and how to use them…

You’ll have one of these new tools waiting for you in your inbox every Monday morning for the next 10 Mondays.  Be sure to read it that morning so you’ll know that day’s cue and be able to spot it and or use it.

Here’s how they will look:

DAY 1 – CUE #1

The #1 most misunderstood body language cue of all time must be The Crossed Arms Myth.  When asking a group of people to describe a negative body language cue “Crossed arms!” is the first answer I get every time.

The group is always surprised when I tell them that most often crossing your arms means nothing at all.

Someone engaged in a conversation or fascinated with a conversation may cross their arms.

They may even bring their hand to their face.  They may even put their finger to their mouth as their chin rests on their thumb while they listen.

In this situation everything is normal and as it should be.  Especially for someone who is in no way closed off or uninterested.

So when you see crossed arms, make sure you get as much information as you can about the situation before you decide the person is closed off.

There you have it.  #1 of 11 simple, easy to spot, body language tools.

Is there a specific cue or tell you see often that you’d like to know about?  Ask me about it @ScottRouse3



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