The Behavior Panel Needs YOUR Help!

The Behavior Panel needs YOUR help!

The Berkshires UFO

The Behavior Panel has a new body language analysis of the Berkshires UFO from the Netflix Documentary Unsolved Mysteries and we can’t publish to YouTube due to a copyright problem.  However, others have posted with similar content and have experienced (apparently) no problems.

If you are connected with, or know someone from Netflix or YouTube, could you connect us?  We really want to get this resolved so we can get our analysis of Jane Green’s body language and nonverbal behavior to everyone.  (Jane is the first person they interview in the documentary).

We want to make this available quickly because we actually believe her and are under the impression she’s telling the truth.  About all of it.  (That doesn’t happen too often!)

If you can help us we would appreciate it so much.  Thank you ahead of time for your help.  You can reach any of the 4 members of The Behavior Panel here:

Scott Rouse: @ScottRouse3

Mark Bowden: @TruthPlane

Greg Hartley: @1GregHartley

Chase Hughes: @TheChaseHughes

Or email us at

Here’s a link to the video for when the problem is solved. Right now it says it isn’t available.  Hopefully you can help us change that! LINK: The Beavhior Panel Analyzes the Body Language of Jane Green of the Netflix documentary The Berkshires UFO

Please share this on your Social Media, we really would appreciate your help.  Thank you so much.  Just grab this link, it will show the photo and everything once you post it. 

Scott – Greg – Mark – Chase