The New Secret Weapon Of The Modern Venture Capitalist

Let’s talk about The New Secret Weapon of Today’s Venture Capitalist.  Because there’s a new kind of meeting today’s investor is having.  It saves them many hours of valuable time and sometimes millions of dollars.  As an entrepreneur searching for investment for your new idea, here’s how it will look to you…


As you arrive at one of the many investor pitch meetings you’ll be invited to, especially one made up of a small group of 3 or 4, there will be a guy who gets there just as you do.

Though the meeting was set for 9:00 you were informed things were running a little late and everyone else would be along shortly.  You and that guy are shown to the meeting room.

He introduces himself and tells you he’s heard people saying some good things about your idea.  You chat for a bit.

He asks you the basics; where you’re from, how old you are, how did you meet the people you’re meeting with today, how many brothers and sisters do you have, are you married, and do you know old so and so (some guy you’ve never heard of), and have you eaten at “blah-blah-blah’s” a new place you haven’t heard of.  He’ll probably ask you about the car you drove in high school as well.

After 15 or 20 minutes of shooting the breeze about nothing, in walk the rest of the people you’re meeting with and will pitch to.

Guess what?  You’ve just been baselined.  And the guy with the mundane questions?  That’s me.  I’ve been hired to watch you while you discuss your idea with the investors.  But, I’ll be talking with you and asking questions as well.

What am I looking for?  Things you’ll tell me non-verbally.  For example;  Your body language will tell me if you’re not sure about an answer.  Or it might tell me you’re making the answer up, or making up just part of it.  It will tell me whether or not you act this way all the time, or just today because you’re nervous.  And not just nervous about being there, but uncomfortable with the answers you’re giving to the investors, because you don’t know, or you’re not sure if they are correct.

Most importantly, your body language is gonna tell me whether or not you’ve already decided you’re gonna make it work.  And whether or not you’ll stick with it to make sure this idea of yours comes to life and is scaled to an almost unbelievable size…

Everyone there will be able to see that one.  It shows mostly in your eyes.  But I’ll be alone watching for the things your body language will tell me, that they have no idea exists… and for the most part, neither do you.

So keep this story in the back of your mind.  Because it’s of the utmost importance that you are completely honest in your pitch about who you are, what you’re doing, and where you are with your idea.

Because if I’m there, I’ll see what you’re body language is saying, and it will tell me the truth.  That means the investors will know the truth.  And if everything is as you say it is, you’ll do just fine.  And now you are aware of the new secret weapon of the modern venture capitalist.