Transform Yourself With 1 Body Language Tip

What if someone told you it was possible to transform yourself with 1 body language tip?  Would you believe them?  It might be hard to.

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Because it doesn’t sound logical.  But if you’re like most people, once you know what that 1 tip is, and if you use it, within a very short amount of time you’ll see a dramatic changed in most everyone you meet and most everyone you already know.  Especially at work… READ MORE

First, Some Background

Before I go any further with this, it’s important that you have the back story.  The reasoning and the proof that shows why this 1 tip works so well, why it works like a charm, and how it’s much easier to transform yourself than you think.

transform yourself - scott rouse - body language 3There was a study done at Harvard.  It was called “The Instantaneous Impressions Study”.  For the study, students were shown several 6 second video clips.  The clips had no sound and they were grainy and low quality.

Those short video clips were of professor’s assistants.  One assistant in each clip.  The students were asked to grade those assistants according to how much they would like to have them as their professor’s assistants for their class that semester.

At the end of the semester, the students were again asked to grade the assistants.  Not from video but from the experience they had with the assistant.

What Your Brain Thinks

The results of the grading before the semester and the results of the grading after the semester were so close, they were almost identical.

transform yourself - scott rouse - body language 2What the study showed was this.  When the brain is given just a “thin slice” of information about a person, it will take that slice and create the rest of the “story” about that person on its own.

For example it may think “Hmmm… She smiles like my sister.  I like my sister.  She looks like she’s in a good mood.  I like people who are in a good mood.  I like this person.”

Or it may think “Hmmm… That guy’s got that same look on his face that the guy from that TV show always has on his face.  I don’t like that guy from that TV show.  I don’t like this guy either.”

And if it decides it likes you, or it doesn’t like you, that decision sticks.  And it’s hard to change that brain’s decision.  It wants to continue to like/dislike you.

Thin Slices

So what does this “Thin Slices” study tell us?  It tells us that your mother was correct.  First impressions are extremely important.

As a matter of fact they are so important that if you understand how to use the information gathered from that study the right way, the people you’re going to meet as you go into your next meeting will like you.  As a matter of fact, people whom you’ve never even met will like you.

The Key

So what’s the key?  What’s the secret?  What’s the 1 Body Language tip you can use to transform yourself and how do you use it?

They key is this:  Pay attention to your “Resting Face“.  It’s the face we all make when we’re not talking to anyone and we’re just sitting there, anywhere, by ourselves… waiting, drinking coffee, reading, whatever it is we’re doing where no one else involved and we forget no one else is looking at us.

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Let’s say you’re at Starbucks, Googling something and having a Latte’.  Unbeknownst to you, in walks the people you’re going to have a meeting with later that day.

You don’t realize it, but you’re frustrated with the search results from whatever it is you’re Googling, and you look like it too.  Even though you’ve never met them they know who you are from LinkedIn, or Facebook, or Twitter, or from the photo of you on your company’s site.

“Hey, there’s ____  _____, the girl we’re going to meet with at 1:00.  She looks like a grouchy kind of something doesn’t she?”  “Yeah.  Let’s be sure to keep our guard up.  She looks mean.”

You haven’t even met them yet, and you’re already scoring very low on the Body Language scale.

Or, let’s say you’re in a large waiting area in the building where your 1:00 meeting is going to be.  And you’re checking Twitter or Facebook.  You’ve got a frowning, squinty kind of look on your face.  You don’t know it, but the people you are going to meet with have gathered just down the hall and are preparing to come to that meeting in the next 2 minutes.

As they all take a quick glance at you one of them says “Wow.  That’s the guy we’re meeting with?  He looks so negative.”  “Yeah.  Here we go again.  Another boring meeting with somebody in a bad mood.  He looks like that guy from Cleveland none of us liked too.”

Transform Yourself

If you want to transform yourself with 1 Body Language tip, this is the one:  When you’re in public, ALWAYS have a relaxed, pleasant look on your face.  Not too smiley because you’ll look crazy.  Not too bland or you’ll look mental.  Just a simple, relaxed and pleasant resting face.

Because that first 6 seconds, up close or at a distance, is where you make your first impression.  Whether you know you’re making the impression or not.



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