How To Update Your Skill Set In Less Than 1 Hour

Is it time to update your skill set?

How To Update Your Skill Set In Less Than 1 Hour.  Have you ever felt like things have changed and nobody told you what that change was?

Body Language TacticsYou didn’t see the change happen.  And everything pretty much seems the same.  But something’s just not right.  And it’s coming from your side of the table.

At work, have you ever had this run through your mind as somebody told you something?  “This doesn’t sound right.  It’s not that big of a deal, and I don’t know what it is, but something’s just not right here…”body language tactics - update skill set

They keep talking. You keep listening.  They don’t look away or anything so there’s no reason for you to think they’re lying.  You know this person.  But still… you’re just uneasy.

How about this one?  You see someone who looks engaged with what’s happening.  But you’re not so sure they are.

They look busy and everything.  Their eyebrows are up as you see them listening while the CEO speaks them during a meeting.

You’ve Got that Feeling Something Just Isn’t Right

They’re doing everything an engaged, committed person does.  But for some reason you get that feeling something just isn’t right.  Suddenly, you sort of snap out of it and think “Wow, I gotta stop doing that.”

I’ve got great news for you…  You don’t gotta stop doing that.  In fact, you don’t want to stop doing that.

These feelings you’re having are quite common and I get presented with these same scenarios from HR professionals, lawyers, managers, team leaders, CEO’s, and you name it, all the time.

Here’s what you are experiencing.  Your brain is screaming for you to pay attention to, and follow up on, the dozens of moves and tells and cues it’s seeing that are telling it something’s not right.

Of course you’re the one seeing seeing them.  It’s that gut feeling or that women’s intuition that’s tugging at you and telling you something isn’t right.

You’re Experiencing A Problem, And You’re Not Alone

Here’s the problem:  You see and feel these things, but you can’t justify their validity, even to yourself.  So, what’s going on?  What’s the solution?

Take a look at it from another angle.  You’re great at what you do.  You’re a problem solver.  You’re skill set contains a combination of skills that no one else can even close to.

Of course others have their own sets of skills as well.  Most are different from yours.  Some are similar, but they’re not quite honed to a razor sharp edge as you like yours to be.

Now you’re getting that feeling one of your skills needs to be sharpened just a bit.  And what is that skill?  It’s the skill or the “art” if you will, of understanding Body Language.  Really understanding it.

body language tactics - update you skill set

The last thing you have time for is spending 3 or 4 hours reading a body language book.

And you certainly don’t want to spend your money or your company’s money listening to some “body language expert” come in and tell you the same old same old that you now know is about 50% old wives tales and outdated information.

Update Your Skill Set

I’ve got even more good news for you.  We’ve taken care of that problem.  We discovered how to update anyone’s skill set in less that 1 hour.  And it’s not a small update either.  In fact you’ll learn more in minutes than you ever learned in hours.  And you’ll spend no more than 3 to 9 minutes a day, on 5 different days doing just that.Body Language Tactics - Scott Rouse - Greg Hartley - Body Language Expert - Nashville

Like most, you’re busier than a bee all day long.  You have little or no “extra time” to update anything.  Believe me, we understand what that’s like.  And that’s where Micro-Learning comes in.

We created a Micro- Learning course you can take on your iPad, phone, or computer.  While you wait in line at lunch, at Starbucks, the car wash, or when you get out of a meeting early.

And you’ll update your skill set in minutes, not hours.  We guarantee it.

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