Some of Scott Rouse's Video Breakdowns of Body Language and Nonverbal Cues

Video:  In these videos, I breakdown and explain specific Body Language and Nonverbal Cues.  My TEDx Talk “How To Kill Your Body Language Frankenstein and Inspire The Villagers” and the infamous 20 minute Lance Armstrong tear down “LieStrong” video can be found here.

The Body Language of Business as well as Investors is covered here as well.  Not all of it, but some of the important pieces and video parts.  If you feel like it, bounce around from one video to another.  You don’t even have to watch al of each video to pick up most of the important parts.  Let’s get a jumpstart on the basics of Body Language with “How To Kill Your Body Language Frankenstein and Inspire The Villagers”.

– TEDx Talk  /  How To Kill Your Body Language Frankenstein

-Baker Donelson’s Entrepreneur Minute: What Body Language Tells Potential Investors

-Trailer for LieStrong Movie

 -Baker Donelson’s Entrepreneur Minute: Adapters

-Paranormal Liar #1 video

 -Baker Donelson’s Entrepreneur Minute: Illustrators

-ABC Channel 2:  Body Language Decoding for Dr. Phil Show

 -Baker Donelson’s Entrepreneur Minute: The Investor’s Facial Expressions

 -LieStrong Excerpt #1

 -Baker Donelson’s Entrepreneur Minute: The Importance of Hand Gestures During a Pitch

-FOX Channel 17: Body Language Decoding The Titans

-LieStrong Movie / Full Version NOT HD

There are numerous videos posted throughout the blog.  They cover everything from the differences in real smiles and fake smiles, to understanding why fake facial expressions don’t stick.

You’ll find everything from Anthony Weiner lying about his Twitter debacle to Bill Clinton’s Nonverbal signs of Parkinson’s Syndrome.

You’ll also find everything from Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady’s questionable behavior when asked about his deflating of footballs, to Super Bowl Champion Peyton Manning being falsely accused of illegal drug use.

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