What Is Extra Face?

The expression you don't realize you see every day finally has a name

What is Extra Face?  There’s an expression you see every day.  You see it on your favorite shows, you see it at social gatherings, you see it on Facebook.
Extra Face - Body Language Expert - Scott Rouse - Keynote Speaker
And as soon as I tell you what it is and describe it, you’ll never go another day without noticing it.  It’s something I coined and I call it Extra Face. 

Extra Face is the expression people use when they know they are being video’d, filmed or watched, while at the same time trying to give the impression they are not aware they are being video’d, filmed, or watched.  Or that they don’t care that they are.

An Extra is an actor who acts in the background, sitting at tables in restaurants, sitting in an office, or just walking by in the background of a scene.  Most of the time the Extra doesn’t have a true speaking part.  However, you will see Extras acting as if they are speaking to each other in the background.

My brother, Mitch,  is in the TV and Movie business.  When he is directing and he sees an Extra who is going overboard with their “acting like they don’t know they’re on camera”, he has to stop the scene and ask them to tone it down a bit.

That’s because the newbie’s over-gesture and use facial expressions that are so big they become a distraction within the scene.  Sometimes this over gesturing and over-expressing is really quite humorous.

Kim Kardashian Has Extra Face?

If you watch any “Reality TV” at all, you’ve seen people who aren’t actors using this specific facial expression.  You’ll see it on the faces of friends who are with them, or on the face of their waiter, or store clerk, and when the “star” of the show is alone you’ll see it on their face as well.

The expression is that of a lite, very small and partial, smile that is at times combined with the eyebrows pulled upward slightly.  It gives them the look of “I’m a happy person who is alone and I’m just sitting here doing this.  This is the real me, this is the place to be, and I’m a pleasant person.”

In real life nobody actually makes this expression when they are alone or when they’re not on camera or standing around at a party or social engagement.  If they did, I’m fairly certain some psychological intervention would most likely be necessary.

Almost Every Mannequin Challenge Contains Extra Face

If you really want to see some great examples of Extra Face watch some of the video memes of The Mannequin Challenge.  The ones to watch are the ones that feature adults.  Most everyone under 30 has no problem doing this and letting it be video’d.  

Adults however, are a completely different story when they are grouped together and asked to participate in something that is so much out of the ordinary.

You’ll notice they are trying to look normal, as though nothing is happening.  But when you look at the expressions on their faces, more often than not, you’ll see some great examples of Extra Face.  In this first video you’ll only see 1 example of Extra Face.  Can you find it?

Now watch the second video.  How many people can you spot with Extra Face here?  Some are smiling, but they aren’t showing Extra Face.

Last but not least, how many people in this video can you see with Extra Face? (There’s only 1).

I want you to let me know when you spot someone with Extra Face.  Just hit me on Twitter and say “I found Extra Face on the news!”  Or “I found Extra Face in this video!”.  Try to post the photo or video.  And if you’re not sure if it’s Extra Face or not, then ask me.  I’ll tell you as soon as I see your Tweet.

You’re gonna be surprised at how often you spot it and turn to someone and say… “You know, that’s a fake expression on his/her face and its known as Extra Face.  Do what?  No, I’m not kidding.  It’s a real thing.  No.  It is too…”.  Let me know.  @ScottRouse3