When Decoding Body Language Are You Seeing What You Think You’re Seeing?

A 2 Minute Video

When decoding body language are you seeing what you think you’re seeing?  Most don’t realize there are many meanings to a single movement, stance, or gesture.
The key to understanding what is going on is to make sure you keep things in context as you observe the situation…   READ MORE

In my second grade classroom I sat near the door.  When the door was open I could see across the hall and into the Teacher’s Lounge.  One afternoon our teacher left the room without closing the door.  I could see one of the other teachers sitting in the Teacher’s Lounge, and she was crying.

There were three or four other teachers standing around her and they were all laughing.  I had never seen anything like that before and it bothered me.  I felt so sorry for her and I thought those other teachers were the meanest people in the world.

As I continued watching I realized she wasn’t crying…  And she wasn’t sad either.  She was actually laughing.  Laughing so hard she had tears coming out of her eyes.  It just looked like she was crying.

That had a profound effect on me.  Before I realized what was happening, without question, in my heart, I knew she was crying.

From that day forward I never looked at people I thought were crying the same way again.  If I saw someone crying I made sure that’s what was happening before I said or did anything.

I learned so much from that experience:

– Situations aren’t always as they may seem.

– You may think someone is feeling a certain way because they look a certain way.

– Many body language cues look like others.

– Take your time before making decisions about what someone’s body language may be transmitting.

This video shows several body language cues that look as though this person feels a specific way.  But in this case things aren’t always the way they seem.

Have you had an experience like this one or the one in the video?  Tell me about it or show me the picture:  @ScottRouse3



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