Body Language And Eye Glasses

Body Language and Eye Glasses.   The one thing most people don’t think about when focusing on their own body language during a meeting, date, or pitch, is their glasses.

Scott-Rouse- Body-Language-Expert- Consultant

It never crossed my mind that by wearing glasses I could be giving someone a bad impression. Until… I saw myself in a video talking to someone, and I was looking down my huge nose at them.

I said out loud, “God Lord! I look like the most arrogant clown I’ve ever seen!” Come to find out, eyeglasses these days are made so the prescription doesn’t actually cover the entire lens.

Just a small part of the center is what you look through.  That means, if your glasses don’t sit the right way on your nose, whether it’s a big nose like mine or small nose like a child’s, you’re probably “looking down your nose” at people.  I mean that literally.

Think about it.  If that center section of the lens is even a little bit below your natural viewing level, you’re gonna lean your head back just enough to get whoever you’re looking at in that center section so they’re in focus.  So you’re looking down your nose at them.  The same goes if that center section is too low… You head will lean forward to get them in focus.

When this happens, from your point of view, it’s very subtle.  VERY subtle.  As a matter of fact, you may be so used to doing it, you don’t even realize it.  And you might be doing it right now, without realizing you’ve been looking at people that way for years.

If you know someone who wears glasses and they seem to come off as a bit arrogant, take a closer look.  Maybe it’s just because their glasses aren’t sitting properly.