Body Language Cues Of America’s Most Famous Liars

Lance Armstrong And OJ Simpson - Body Language Cues Of Liars

A Few Body Language Cues From Two Of America’s Most Famous Liars Of All Time – While hindsight is 20/20, it’s hard to fathom some of the liars we’ve believed in the past.

Body Language Cues of Lance Armstrong and OJ Simpson
Especially after they have been exposed and we “see” with our own eyes that the lies are so obvious.  Is someone lying to you?  Here a few cues from two of America’s most famous liars of all time to help you decide.

When Lance Armstrong was continually accused over many years of taking performance enhancing drugs he denied the accusations over and over.

While doing so he left behind a trail of his own body language cues and tells that would eventually become a map of nonverbal deception that I’m confident will be studied, taught, and learned from for many years to come.

Lance Armstrong’s Body Language Cues

lance-armstrong-body language cues-liar-lies-lying-doping-scott rouse-body language expertHe blatantly exhibits the same deception cues that most liars exhibit.  And those same body language cues are discussed and brought to light by world renowned nonverbal experts Paul Ekman, Gregory Hartley Joe Navarro, and David Matsumoto to name-check a few of the “Heavies” of nonverbal deception.

You can see the setups he uses as he prepares to lie as well as the many other obvious and not so obvious nonverbal cues he displays.  These are all highlighted as the comparison of his truthful answers are juxtaposed with his deceptive answers in the short film Lie Strong – Lance Armstrong’s Body Language Decoded.

oj simpson- body lanuage cues-liar-lies-lying-doping-scott rouse-body language expertArrogance And Body Language Cues

OJ Simpson is no different and no better.  His lying combined with his arrogance create a magnificent amalgamation of deceptive body language cues that are sometimes so blatant they are borderline comical.

The same goes for those who lied trying to help him.  In this video you’ll see some of the larger cues that will stick with you from now on.


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